What To Look For in an Online Backup Provider

There are now around 50 major online backup providers each have their own software, control panels and unique features. This is the whole point of this site, we are here to make sure you make an informed decision before choosing your online backup provider. So with so many to choose from, who should you choose and why?

We advise that you first assess your needs, what do you need from your provider?

- Do you need 5GB of Storage space for a few files or do you need Unlimited Space for lots of photos, music and movies?

- Is cost an Issue, do you want to be paying $5 per month or $299 a month for a similar service with lots of additional redundancy.

- Do you need to backup lots of computers, do these computers need to be synced?

- Are you looking to Backup a Mac or PC or both?

- Do you require apps like iPhone, iPad and Android.

- Do you need to share files with others?

All of these questions will change who we recommend you to use. So to complement our editors review and customer comments we have built an Online Backup Chooser.

Click Here to Use the Chooser.