Is Free Online Backup Really Free?

Nowadays it seems every online service attempts to entice you with a free account or free trial. Many companies don’t even let you see pricing options or let you pay until you have first signed up for your free account. Being able to try before you buy is a great way to really test a product or service before you put your hand in your pocket and commit to buying it. We all know that getting refunds on any online product is always fun so the test run is ever so important.

As you will probably already know, your first online backup will take some time, normally days as it backs up a lifetime of photos, files, videos and music from your computer. The last thing you want to do is wait a week for all your computer files to be backed up then realise the service is not for you and you want to try a new provider.

So what does free online backup or online storage actually mean?

Do you really get free storage or is it just a marketing ploy and you have to hand over your credit card details?

Well, the answer to this is, it depends on the company. Some companies offer you a 100% free online storage account where you just use your name and email to signup like JustCloud or Carbonite, others like LiveDrive require you to add a credit card.

Some free accounts are also on a trial basis, so you can use their service but after 14 days you cannot backup any more files and files which you already have backed will only be accessible after you upgrade.

Also free accounts are never unlimited, there is no company which we know of offering unlimited storage space for free as this will be a huge loss from them.

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