Cloud Storage or Online Backup?

Although many companies advertise under both these terms they are actually quite different. Cloud storage we see as being able to store selected files on the internet so you can share them and access them whenever you wish. This is normally done by having a desktop folder. Dropbox, ZipCloud, SugarSync, Google Gdrive all do this. Online backup is backing up your whole computer so you can easily restore your files like livedrive, mozy and BackupGenie.

But there is 2 companies who offer both of these services in one. MyPCBackup and JustCloud not only backup your whole computer but they also give you an online control panel so you can access your files anywhere at anytime. You can share these files and sync them across multiple computers.

With Online Backup an advantage is you get to keep your file structure. So it backs up your computer drives and you can search for files in this format. If you use Cloud storage most companies give you a folder which you have to drag and drop files into to backup.

So if you are looking to perform a complete computer backup we recommend choosing a computer backup provider from our computer backup list. If you are looking for cloud storage use our cloud storage or online storage list.