ZipCloud Resellers Review

ZipCloud Resellers Review

ZipCloud are a sleek, clean and appealing online backup storage solution. They are aimed for those that are more computer proficient and are rich with features. They are now sharing what they’ve done and letting businesses like yours join in on their success with a Resellers program.

Value for Money:

We’ve tested a lot of Reseller Solutions and for what you get with the ZipCloud Reseller program, this is definitely in my top 5 for a cost effective solution.


The control panel in any Resellers Program is the main feature, but the ZipCloud Reseller control panel is very simple and easy to navigate. Even on the home page, Dashboard. It shows you everything you need to know on this page alone. The main features are creating plans, notifications and your client accounts. Everything is just so simple to use, nothing over complicated at all, it is what it is and does so much more.


There is quite a bit of competition out there for Online Reseller Storage programs, but to be honest less than a dozen out there actually supply a quality solution, ZipCloud Reseller definitely being one of them.

Product Ideology:

ZipCloud is a cloud storage company that enhances safety, security and simplicity of fifteen million files. They aim to mirror this onto their Reseller Program, someone you can trust.


If you’re going to be looking after peoples’ personal data and millions of files, security has to be at the forefront. ZipCloud Reseller prides itself on providing top of the art security, giving you, the reseller, peace of mind and your clients.

Storage Space:

There’s plenty of it and like space it’s unlimited. You are able to build your ZipCloud Reseller business with different levels of storage, but ultimately, it is unlimited.

Ease Of Use:

Having tested quite a few Online Reseller Programs, I must say, this was one of the easiest to work with. As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t even really look at the documentation. It is pretty self explanatory. But always support there if you need assistance.

Customer Support:

You are given an account manager to assist you with ZipCloud Reseller, but for most questions, these are mostly documented on the support page with PDF’s, FAQ’s and video’s. You can also create support tickets if you really can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

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ZipCloud Resellers Customer Reviews Write Review
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