SOS Review

SOS Review

SOS online backup has a lot going for it with great features, customer support and ease of use but the most eye catching of them all has to be their prices. Business users can get an amazing value with the SOS business plan where every PC can be backed up for right around $25 a month. That is one of the lowest prices on the cloud backup market especially considering Unlimited PCs. SOS home users will marvel at the speed.


SOS online backup offer a very unique features that other companies simply do not. Instead of limiting their customers to only a few days of versioning, SOS chose to version everything. That means that every little change you make to a file will be saved indefinitely on the SOS server in case you need to correct a mistake or protect a file from changes. Another fairly unique feature that SOS offers is Social Media data protection. SOS customers can now protect the data on their Facebook accounts. Mac and PC users will be glad to know that SOS protects both types of systems as wells as Android OS smartphones and iOS devices.


SOS online backup is fast, offers exactly what home users and business users are looking for and their pricing plans are affordable at the monthly and yearly rates.

Product Ideology:

SOS gives home users a few options in pricing and base that on the amount of storage space and the number of years. Also built into each home user account is SOS online backup service for up to 5 PCs. Considering that other cloud backup services charge for additional PCs, SOS starts saving their customers immediately.


SOS boasts the usual 99.999% uptime. SOS has been around since 2001 and they have proven themselves to be very reliable and trustworthy. They also offer top of the line security features to protect your files, plus they have received high praise by technology community leaders and periodicals.

Storage Space:

Business class users will be glad to know that they can get 1TB of space and unlimited PCs for their business at well under $2500. That is a great value for mid-sized to large companies. Smaller businesses can save a ton of cash by using 175GB and doing so for 1 year. That puts SOS Online Backup at one of the lowest business packages around.

Ease Of Use:

SOS Online Backup really takes the lead in control panel operation. The software is incredibly easy to learn and makes large scale deployment to PCs and laptops happen very smoothly. Another feature that is tied into the SOS control panel is SOS LiveProtect. This is a security feature that continually monitors and protects your data.

Customer Support:

Live support operators are there to assist new customers with any issues that may arise from installation of the software or any customer concerns. The SOS customer support staff is courteous and knowledgeable. SOS may also be reached on their social media accounts found on their website.

SOS Customer Reviews Write Review
SOS Good Little App

I know it's had some bad reviews but SOS has saved my soul a number of times. I've been with them so long that I wouldn't change anyway, but its backup features and service seems good enough for me. It's not perfect, but what one of these programs is?

Reviewer: Trey Curtis22nd May 2012
SOS could be better

This is an OK product, but I found I kept having to upgrade to get more space. As the subscription isn't that cheap as it is already, I'm thinking of changing provider

Reviewer: Julia15th May 2012
SOS No More!

I left SOS after I had enough of painful contact with support due to slow backups. SOS were pricey so i thought i was getting a quality product but I found free accounts better with other providers.

Reviewer: Kira J9th May 2012
Great Support, averge service

I have been having some what of a love hate relationship with SOS. I love their customer service team but hate that fact I have had to go to them so often. Every time something goes wrong I tell myself I'm going to leave but then it gets fixed straight away and I stay. I can't be the only one, so SOS should give their team a pay rise.

Reviewer: Aaron Zitlow2nd May 2012
Great for multiple devices

SOS lets you backup from 5 devices. Whilst this maybe unnecessary for some members, it is a great feature for me. I have a work PC, a laptop, an iPad and a smartphone.

Being able to back them all up to the same cloud makes everything so much simpler. I get a real sense of peace of mind from knowing that all my files are stored, safely in the same place. Could do with a bit more space sometimes though....

Reviewer: Derek Hendrick30th April 2012
Visit SOS
SOS Customer Reviews Write Review

I said YES! to SOS. Great service and the tech staff is pleasant. SOS pretty much does what they are suppose to do, make sure my cloud storage is there so that my files can get backed up every night. Spectacular results and their plans for pricing are reasonable in comparison to other backup companies.

Reviewer: Brent Davis8th December 2011
Space and price the only upsets

SOS is a good program, I just wish that the price and space were better as then it would be awesome. I am really pleased with the reliability, features, support etc but you just have to pay a lot to have access to all of this. The one feature which lacks dramatically is the storage space: 50GB just isn't enough for someone who listens to music and watches film and videos.

Reviewer: Max2nd December 2011
Too slow and not enough space

SOS have awesome customer support, but its a shame I only know this through contacting them with so many issues! Firstly my bandwidth was terrible to any backups took a long time but then I couldn't back up anything more because I'd reached my limit. Apart from these fundamental issues I like the product.

Reviewer: Perry1st December 2011
Unlimited storage is a must!

Seeing how many companies offer unlimited storage in the cloud makes me wander why every company doesn't do it, the 50GB that SOS offer just isn't enough. The rest of the service is okay, its reliable and has a good support department but it just doesn't satisfy my backup needs. I'll probably stay with them, I'll just end up paying even more to increase my storage amount.

Reviewer: Chris29th November 2011
Highly Rated Service

Most of the top tech online magazines are really rooting for SOS Online Backup. I'm with them, I really like the service that SOS Online Backup has and I would recommend this to both family and friends. Give them a try and if you don't like it then use their 30 day guarantee. I think you'll like them fine though.

Reviewer: Mary Parker28th November 2011
Convinced me to Save my Files

SOS has a pretty harsh slogan, save your digital life. It made me worry about the files that I want to keep for my life and I am glad that I chose SOS. After 2 weeks of using their service, my laptop crashed while I was on the road. I had a presentation to give and thank you SOS, you really did save my life. I used a co-workers laptop, got my files from the SOS cloud and the presentation went on as planned.

Reviewer: Charlotte Buck12th November 2011
Not Tech Savy

Honestly speaking I thought SOS was a service for more tech savy individuals or companies. The moment I heard they had military type security I thought there is no way it can be easy. Maybe it was the 20% discount or the idea of having the one of the best and secure products that changed my mind, but I gave it a try. Since then I haven't worried about losing my data and anytime I had a question customer service was always helpful.

Reviewer: Paul Lambert11th November 2011
Safe Program

I have always been a bit paranoid about security, especially when it comes to the internet and storing data on equipment that I dont control or own. However the reality is that if I want to stay up to date and be effective in my work I need to embrace online technology. Pretty simply stated I needed to store files securely and SOS was the only company that was able to answer my security questions and offer a truly coherent and safe system.

Reviewer: Kris 10th November 2011