SOS Review

SOS Review

SOS online backup has a lot going for it with great features, customer support and ease of use but the most eye catching of them all has to be their prices. Business users can get an amazing value with the SOS business plan where every PC can be backed up for right around $25 a month. That is one of the lowest prices on the cloud backup market especially considering Unlimited PCs. SOS home users will marvel at the speed.


SOS online backup offer a very unique features that other companies simply do not. Instead of limiting their customers to only a few days of versioning, SOS chose to version everything. That means that every little change you make to a file will be saved indefinitely on the SOS server in case you need to correct a mistake or protect a file from changes. Another fairly unique feature that SOS offers is Social Media data protection. SOS customers can now protect the data on their Facebook accounts. Mac and PC users will be glad to know that SOS protects both types of systems as wells as Android OS smartphones and iOS devices.


SOS online backup is fast, offers exactly what home users and business users are looking for and their pricing plans are affordable at the monthly and yearly rates.

Product Ideology:

SOS gives home users a few options in pricing and base that on the amount of storage space and the number of years. Also built into each home user account is SOS online backup service for up to 5 PCs. Considering that other cloud backup services charge for additional PCs, SOS starts saving their customers immediately.


SOS boasts the usual 99.999% uptime. SOS has been around since 2001 and they have proven themselves to be very reliable and trustworthy. They also offer top of the line security features to protect your files, plus they have received high praise by technology community leaders and periodicals.

Storage Space:

Business class users will be glad to know that they can get 1TB of space and unlimited PCs for their business at well under $2500. That is a great value for mid-sized to large companies. Smaller businesses can save a ton of cash by using 175GB and doing so for 1 year. That puts SOS Online Backup at one of the lowest business packages around.

Ease Of Use:

SOS Online Backup really takes the lead in control panel operation. The software is incredibly easy to learn and makes large scale deployment to PCs and laptops happen very smoothly. Another feature that is tied into the SOS control panel is SOS LiveProtect. This is a security feature that continually monitors and protects your data.

Customer Support:

Live support operators are there to assist new customers with any issues that may arise from installation of the software or any customer concerns. The SOS customer support staff is courteous and knowledgeable. SOS may also be reached on their social media accounts found on their website.

SOS Customer Reviews Write Review
Endless problems

Over promise, under deliver. 36 months and only 20Gb uploaded due to continious problems with upload agent from SOS Backup. Support is great, but I do not have the time to ask for support every week. I need to work. Bottom line. Sort out the problems first.

Reviewer: Antonius Lecuona16th July 2012
SOS backs up data real time

Even a small file modification is quickly sensed by SOS and the data are backed up instantly. Moreover, all the file versions are stored remotely & any version of the file can be retrieved anytime. I am also getting SOS data backup reports to email.

Reviewer: Rojer 20th June 2012
Happy customer

Have been using SOS for a few years - have been happy :)

Reviewer: Michael19th June 2012
Not happy with SOS

Cumbersome. Very time consuming. Interferes with computer use. Setting up NOT logical. Am scraping for a less cost, easier to use, intuitive backup.

Reviewer: Sande18th June 2012
SOS is not reliable

I ahve been using SOS for a year. I have 3-4 problems with back ups failing to run per month. the tech support people only do one thing. have you reinstall the software. I recently discovered that one critical file stopped being backed up by sos. Non of the backup reports indicated a problem, I only found out because I went to restore the file and found the last version backed up was several months old. Now a month later I am still trying to get their tech support folks to help me. last time I had them on the phone the tech had to leave for a meeting. He never called me back. My recommendation is to spend the money on lottery tickets. You will get more value than giving it to SOS

Reviewer: Chris23rd May 2012
Visit SOS
SOS Customer Reviews Write Review

SOS provide what can only be described as an adequate service. I signed up in hope that their service would be great but I was a little disappointed. The upload is often slow and their aren't as many features as other providers.

Reviewer: Walter Potter2nd April 2012
Best Bet

Great Solution for your business and value for money

Reviewer: Nichole Brett15th February 2012
Nice product

I just switched to SOS for my online backup. Its reliable, quick and efficient.

Reviewer: Nicholas Walker17th January 2012
Saved me

I thought I was going to have to cash in on my 30 day money back guarantee that SOS was providing because I was having so much trouble. I called and spoke with one of their tech support people, and they walked me through step-by-step with everything that I should be doing. Turns out I was doing it wrong the whole time! Now that I know how to use their services I'm much more confident and not going to leave!

Reviewer: Caroline10th January 2012
Money Back Guarantee is Unnecessary

I signed up with SOS with the intention of trying someone else before my thirty day trial was up, but was so pleased with how they handled everything that I found there was no need to switch! They backup all new data that is stored, as well as when you make any changes to a document that has already been backed up. This means that even if you forget to save it on your end (we have all done that) they have your back and will take care of it for you.

Reviewer: Christopher L.9th January 2012
Smart Move

Online backup is one of the smartest things any company could possibly need. If you sign up with a company like SOS then you know how much you need it. Storing files on a computer makes it run slowly and less efficiently, so online backup just makes sense. The more files that are stored on a large number of computers means that the company runs a lot slower than it could.

Reviewer: Karen 28th December 2011
The backup plan that made my day, week, and year

I tried SOS Online Backup for my families home computers... couldn't have picked a better time... my son's laptop was stolen... retrieved all of his school work and his photos... what a life saver

Reviewer: Ray Bradford22nd December 2011
Good Choice

If you aren't sure which of the hundreds of online backup companies is best for you, then find one that offers a money back guarantee so you can try it out. SOS is one of those companies, but there is a great chance that you won't ever need to cash in on that guarantee. They have everything you're looking for in a company and more all packaged up in a low monthly fee.

Reviewer: Heather W.16th December 2011