SOS Review

SOS Review

SOS online backup has a lot going for it with great features, customer support and ease of use but the most eye catching of them all has to be their prices. Business users can get an amazing value with the SOS business plan where every PC can be backed up for right around $25 a month. That is one of the lowest prices on the cloud backup market especially considering Unlimited PCs. SOS home users will marvel at the speed.


SOS online backup offer a very unique features that other companies simply do not. Instead of limiting their customers to only a few days of versioning, SOS chose to version everything. That means that every little change you make to a file will be saved indefinitely on the SOS server in case you need to correct a mistake or protect a file from changes. Another fairly unique feature that SOS offers is Social Media data protection. SOS customers can now protect the data on their Facebook accounts. Mac and PC users will be glad to know that SOS protects both types of systems as wells as Android OS smartphones and iOS devices.


SOS online backup is fast, offers exactly what home users and business users are looking for and their pricing plans are affordable at the monthly and yearly rates.

Product Ideology:

SOS gives home users a few options in pricing and base that on the amount of storage space and the number of years. Also built into each home user account is SOS online backup service for up to 5 PCs. Considering that other cloud backup services charge for additional PCs, SOS starts saving their customers immediately.


SOS boasts the usual 99.999% uptime. SOS has been around since 2001 and they have proven themselves to be very reliable and trustworthy. They also offer top of the line security features to protect your files, plus they have received high praise by technology community leaders and periodicals.

Storage Space:

Business class users will be glad to know that they can get 1TB of space and unlimited PCs for their business at well under $2500. That is a great value for mid-sized to large companies. Smaller businesses can save a ton of cash by using 175GB and doing so for 1 year. That puts SOS Online Backup at one of the lowest business packages around.

Ease Of Use:

SOS Online Backup really takes the lead in control panel operation. The software is incredibly easy to learn and makes large scale deployment to PCs and laptops happen very smoothly. Another feature that is tied into the SOS control panel is SOS LiveProtect. This is a security feature that continually monitors and protects your data.

Customer Support:

Live support operators are there to assist new customers with any issues that may arise from installation of the software or any customer concerns. The SOS customer support staff is courteous and knowledgeable. SOS may also be reached on their social media accounts found on their website.

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Find something better

On a Mac, I've had nothing but problems with buggy software, crashes, anomalous failure to back up random files, and just abysmal customer support.

Reviewer: HMI1st March 2014
Go somewhere else

Extremely dissatisfied with the support. Unable to get if working for the last month. Slow upload the first time and has to be completely reloaded each time they upgrade the program. Every time they upgrade major problems occur. This last time nobody in their support staff has been able to solve the problem. Use anything else!

Reviewer: Tracy Schiemenz27th February 2014
SOS no more.

SOS was once great, but no more. Don't waste your money on this. There is no longer any customer service.

Reviewer: Gayle V. Cook10th February 2014
SOS was good, but no longer.

When I first started using this service it was great. Everything worked well and the 24/7 phone support was outstanding. Now (as of February, 2014) there is virtually no technical support whatsoever. NONE over the phone and the online support takes days to respond. Plus, newer versions of files aren't backed up if one exists with the same name (earlier version of same document).

Reviewer: Bob Pallas10th February 2014
\"Blame the customer\"

I had a dreadful experience with SOS that could have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, I had safeguarded the backup with a manual hard drive backup just a day before the drive crashed. SOS would be set up on automatic backup. It would sometimes work and sometimes not. When I checked on it periodically, it would show no attempt to back up for days or weeks and the auto schedule would literally disappear. I had to start over several times. Also, when my drive crashed, I went online to obtain the web-backup and re-install. It would give me messages that the server was too "busy" and to try back later. It did this for a week until I figured out I had a hard backup that I could use and I did. SOS customer service refused to refund my money saying that I could have used a special link and a special download and that the error messages were because I had too much data. Why would they back up the data if it was too much to "recover" the normal way? I am very unhappy and worst of all, they don't care at all. Their motto appears to be "blame the consumer."

Reviewer: Unhappy cusotmer11th December 2013
Visit SOS
SOS Customer Reviews Write Review
shop around

the upload speed is unacceptable. Took weeks to upload 150gb working 24/7.

Reviewer: Jim1st November 2013
Go with another service

You need SOS like you need an itch. Its entire experience is obsolete. Backups are slow, unreliable. Recovery is alright for just files, but patchy beyond 50GB. It essentially has 2 systems one microsoft back up and one Storagecraft. they operate differently. To get exchange granular recovery you need to do a bare metal restore. All in all, they are a pain to use and I highly recommend against using SOS. If you are an IT support person, by known you can get fired for recommending SOS, they are that disappointing.

Reviewer: Antonio Esperanzah10th April 2013
Better Security

I had trouble with online access, but an email to customer service got a fast reply and a fix. They have the best security plan: Files are encrypted at the file level with a local key then transmitted with an encrypted connection. There is no key on the server side so they remain encrypted. Files can not be unencrypted in the cloud by anyone. When downloaded they are encrypted locally by the user. This is a much better strategy than the rest.

Reviewer: Steve29th March 2013
Do not buy this service

Extremely disappointed. Very long time for initial upload. When the computer crashed and we had to restore it took three days. Kept getting the message that network traffic was heavy and could not restore (three days? heavy traffic? really?). Then they came out with an upgrade that has a pop up that takes over the computer. When I'm working on the computer the stupid pop up takes over the screen and interupts me. And there is no way to disable. What were they thinking?

Reviewer: jack311519th December 2012

I have tried iDrive and a few others. SOS has the best user interface, easy setup, and great customer service.

Reviewer: TJ10th November 2012
Goodbye SOS

I thought this was a great option however in the last two years I have been charged a foreign transaction fee since now payments are being processed in Australia. I called customer support and they promised the fee would be removed. It NEVER WAS.
Also I am being billed twice per year for some reason and now customer service is NOT RESPONDING.
Goodbye SOS no thank you!

Reviewer: MML23rd October 2012
VERY dissatisfied

I have had this service for my business for about 6 months. It has been down more than it has been working. They, at some point, changed their support hours & I was never notified. I am storing on their "cloud" but cannot access it. I continually get a run-around. I hope PC Magazine reconsiders it's high rating of this service.

Reviewer: Debi Whalen11th October 2012
dissappointed with SOS

I use SOS for business purposes. Have had too many bad experiences with unreliable backups and support staff not helping in a timely manner. Support is NOT as available as they were when I signed up. I will be looking for another product.

Reviewer: Debi Whalen23rd September 2012