MyPC Backup Review

MyPC Backup Review

MyPCBackup is an industry leader in online backup and automated PC backup.

MyPCBackup makes online computer backup simple with 100% automatic, user-friendly backup with fast upload speeds and convenient features that make it easy to understand why this company is quickly becoming a favorite among consumers.
MyPCBackup offer plenty of online storage space, an easy-to-navigate members area, and an intuitive desktop application that allow you to access your files from anywhere at any time. You also have the ability to sync multiple computers to one account, making MyPCBackup our #1 choice.

Value for Money:

MyPCBackup are the best value for money online backup provider in our opinion, great free account plus very cheap unlimited plans


MyPCBackup uses a desktop application that does not take very much memory and is always sending your files encrypted and securely to your cloud based server storage. Your computer backup will always be up to date.

MyPCBackup give every user free access to iPad, iPhone and Android apps which allow you to view, manage and upload from these devices.

Once you buy a new computer you can easily download all of your files back to your new computer. MyPCBackup is very inexpensive to use. The security that comes with knowing all of your files are backed up safely and securely in case of computer failure is truly priceless. One of the best features from MyPCBackup is 100% Automated Backups. In under three clicks, you can have all of your important files backed up to the cloud on a schedule of your choosing.


MyPCBackup is a safe, easy and cheap way to backup all of the files on your desktop or laptop computer. If you have ever lost all of your computer files before then you know how traumatizing it can be. Maybe you lost some of the pictures you took of your family or maybe you lost some important tax documents. Either way, you will never have to go through that again and MyPCBackup is designed to be simple to use. You simply install the application and then you can forget about it.

Product Ideology:

MyPC Backup is one of those companies that truly want to help each and every customer if they have a question or problem using their cloud back up storage service. Although the process of using MyPCBackup is extremely easy and simple, it is nice to know that MyPCBackup is there to help you out if any problems do arise.


We can happily say you wont find a more secure service than MyPCBackup. MyPCBackup is one of the few Amazon s3 partners which means they have 99.999999999% durability meaning they guarantee they will lose just 1 file in 10 million years.
MyPCBackup encrypts your data as it is being sent to the cloud storage. MyPCBackup also secures and encrypts your files on the server also. You do not have to worry about having your files hacked or stolen when you use MyPCBackup.

Storage Space:

The storage space is unlimited. Regardless of how many gigs you have you will be able to back up all of your files with the MyPCBackup. You also can sync multiple computers to have all of your hard drives' information backed up.

Ease Of Use:

Using MyPCBackup could not be any easier. You literally install a desktop application and then everything is done automatically in the background.

Customer Support:

If you need any support for using MyPCBackup you will be able to use their online documentation as well as the video tutorials. If a question does arise then MyPCBackup is quick with email responses that actually answer your question, and are not simply a "canned response" that is automatically sent out.

MyPC Backup Customer Reviews Write Review
My Choice

This is a great solution but it lacks in features it provide in compare with other data storage services

Reviewer: Hellen Folioa27th November 2012
Backed up files will not update

I recently discovered that all of my files backed up initially, but they were not updated with subsequent backups. I submitted a ticket three weeks ago and they keep telling me they are working on the issue, but as of yet, it has not been resolved. Frustrating - I will be canceling my account and trying a different service.

Reviewer: Roberta19th November 2012
Some anoying aspects but overal good

I like MyPcbackup I'm a happy customer now of 5 days. My files backed up super quick and I found them to be very well priced. The only thing I find anoynig is the 5GB file size limit. I know this is absolutely huge and I only actually have 1 file this big, im not sure if this will be a concern in the future. Other than that they are pretty damn good

Reviewer: Luca Clements28th October 2012
Simple to use but beware the \"Optional Extras\"

Great option if you want a basic service. Be aware that access to back up attached devices like SD cards, USB sticks and network drives are all additional relatively expensive options.

Reviewer: Tim Hockings7th October 2012
MyPC Backup

Their services are outstanding and their prices can't be beat! Best online pc backup out there period. I highly recommend you try them.

Reviewer: Travis23rd September 2012
Visit MyPC Backup
MyPC Backup Customer Reviews Write Review
5 stars all the way

Fantastic interface and features that tick every box from automated backups to 24/7 tech support. Unlimited storage is also something that takes the worry out of the equation.

Highly recommended

Reviewer: Saul Westleigh13th May 2012
No problems

Unlike a lot of my friends who use other online backup providers to protect their uni work, I have had flawless provision from MyPC Backup. Simple to use and secure as hell! Fantastic!

Reviewer: Miranda7th May 2012
best pc backup

I have backed up my familys computers for last 2 years and tried mozy, carbonite and now mypcbackup. MyPCbackup are defiantly the best provider. They are so simple I dont have to do the backups for my teenage girls they now do them themselves. Plus best thing for me is amazon s3 so super fast but still easy to use.

Reviewer: Baker Family5th May 2012

Automated backup can be set to anytime you wish. Unlimited storage means you can save anything without having to be picky. File collaboration means I can work on a file when I'm on business trips in Germany, and can then finish it off when I return home. Ideal for this crazy fast world we live in...!

Reviewer: Jade2nd May 2012
Crazily good

As a parent who basically has no time to herself I've been more than pleased about this time saving app that costs extremely little. Gone are the days of backing up pics of my kids and holidays. Thank goodness!

Reviewer: Julie S1st May 2012
Brilliant Product

I chose MyPC Backup on a bit of a whim really, I saw unlimited storage and the low price per month and thought why not?! What a great decision, it was so easy to install, easy to use and automated backup means I don't even have to remember to backup as it does it for me.

Best guess I ever made. Highly Recommended!

Once I bought one I managed to easily restore everything thanks to the simple restoration function of MyPC Backup. Brilliant! I can't tell enough people about how great this service is.

Reviewer: Kevin Davidson30th April 2012
5 out of 5

For me MyPC Backup is without doubt a 5/5 product. I spent a long time looking for an online storage provider and MyPC Backup fulfilled all my needs and provided me with features I hadn't even considered but now can't live without. Seriously good!

Reviewer: David28th April 2012
Automated Backup

Automated backup is the greatest feature of MyPC backup. It makes my life so simple and I never have to worry about the safety of my files. In fact I forget I have it sometimes.

Reviewer: Phillipa Holland28th April 2012