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Mediafire is now rated amongst the quickest developing websites, with its yearly growth rate being 100%. This online backup provider is still the only one to offer unlimited downloads and uploads, download resuming capability, unlimited storage and also zero wait time to users, and all this for no charge. Moreover, addition of new features as necessary keeps the service updated as per the feedback given by the users.


Mediafire is a well-known file storage provider, and is globally popular for allowing users to store and download large files. Users who do not opt for any plans can also download the files uploaded publicly. Almost all file types can be uploaded, and the upload process is fairly easy with the new multi-upload button.


Mediafire is one of the very online storage providers who allow users to upload, share and download unlimited amount of information. Similar to all other backup storage solutions, users can access their files or documents from virtually any device that connects to the internet. Mediafire also offers mobile platforms for upload and download via mobile phones.

Product Ideology:

Mediafire was originally established to ease the problems users faced when sending and receiving large documents some few years ago. Now, after more than six years have passed since the first version of Mediafire was released, it still remains one of the largest providers of file sharing and online backup solutions worldwide.


Mediafire uses encrypted connections for all its plans, and thus guaranteed the safety of your data. Data centers of the firm are equipped with state-of-the-art servers and equipments, and are protected using round-the-clock surveillance systems and biometric locks. Moreover, the product software and infrastructure are updated often to minimize the risks and events of compromising. As expected, an enterprise-class firewall also protects its networks.

Storage Space:

All Pro plans in Mediafire offer the highest levels of security, and you can opt for storage space up to 1000 GB. Other plans in the pricing structure of the backup firm offer 100 GB and 250 GB of storage. Included in the package are embeddable folders and brand-able My Files page. Multiple custom URLs and hot linking capability makes the offer even more attractive.

Ease Of Use:

Mediafire is extremely popular among users who use file hosting and sharing services often for its ease of use and superb features that are integrated in the product software. Novices and experts can access their files and download them using the simple but attractive user-friendly interface, and services such as parallel downloads and download manager resume capability make downloading large files easier.

Customer Support:

The official webpage of Mediafire offers a huge section of FAQs for all general queries that users and potential users may have. However, in case of specific issues such as billing and technical support, users can submit a ticket via the website. Alternatively, you may also call customer support at 1-877-495-4275, or email them at Any suggestion or feedback about the website or about the services it offers can be sent to Customer Reviews Write Review
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