BackupGenie Resellers Review

BackupGenie Resellers Review

It may be one of the new boys on the bloke, but Backup Genie offers one of the most impressive backup services available to consumers and businesses. The company offers a 100% automated backup system. What better company to use as an Online Reseller.

Value for Money:

We’ve been amazed at what some companies are pricing at or how they do their pricing. BackupGenie Reseller seems to have got it right and they’re honest upfront, we couldn’t find any hidden fees.


Plenty in the BackupGenie Reseller Control Panel. Slick and easy to navigate, you won’t ever get lost. Everything you need to create a plan, create a client, set alerts off when yourself or clients are peaking at their threshold, it’s all there.


Even though they haven’t been in the market for long, they certainly know what they’re doing. These guys must have done this before and put all their experience into making a product that is, basically, the way to run a Reseller program.

Product Ideology:

ZipCloud is a cloud storage company that enhances safety, security and simplicity of fifteen million files. They aim to mirror this onto their Reseller Program, someone you can trust.


I’m not going to bore you with 256 bit encryption and servers in blast proof rooms. They haven’t cut any corners when it comes to security and rightly so. BackupGenie Reseller what’s to make sure you, as a reseller can sell this product to your clients, so they’ve pulled out all the stops to safe guard your clients files.

Storage Space:

Imagine a well, no water and you threw in a coin to hear it land, except this coin never landed because it’s a never ending pit. That’s what we have here, it’s unlimited, your clients can store as much as they like, or whatever you permit them and at whatever price you charge them.

Ease Of Use:

You won’t have to ask your kids how to us this BackupGenie Reseller Control Panel. I’ve been testing quite a few and this was really nice. It looked clean, everything worked, no error pages and I understood every section of it.

Customer Support:

Loads of different ways to get your questions answered. Documentation, videos, FAQ’s and if all else fails you can create a ticket that goes to support. We tried it out and we got a pretty quick response. You also have an assigned BackupGenie Reseller Account Manager that’s there to assist you.

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