Why Use Online Backup?

Online backup is now a must have for all computer users, as we now live in a digital age where our whole digital life is store online.

Our files, photos, music, video, financials and more are all stored on our computer hard drives.

But what happens if your hard drives crash?

All hard drives will fail eventually and they usually happen at random when you least expect them.

We no longer have CD collections, or DVD racks with our films, or photo albums of our photos, they are all stored on our hard drives.

Theft, Fire, Accidental deletion, hardware failure, all these can contribute to lost files.

Files which are no longer just binary text, these files are irreplaceable memories which money cannot buy back.

Online Backup is like insurance, for a small monthly fee (Less than the cost of a Cinema Ticket) you will never have to worry about your files again. If you get a new computer and you need to restore your files and documents its literally a click of a button.