Is Online Backup Secure?

All the products we have tested and reviewed are known brands which securely backup your files and you can trust them. If they are not listed on our website I would highly recommend you do not store your data with them. Feel free to email me any companies which are not featured on this website and we will happily review them.

All online storage providers use 256 bit SSL encryption which is sometimes referred to as “Bank Grade” security. Encryption is the process where data is scrambled into a long series of characters and a key is then needed to unscramble the information again.

Encryption is one of the major reasons why online backup is the preferred choice for computer storage. Encryption prevents malicious parties from attempting to access, change or damage files by storing them in a why which is inaccessible without the key.

So the other aspect of data security is reliability. What are the chances of your online backup provider losing your data from their own hard drive crashes. As even your backup providers storage could potentially crash, and this has been known to happen.

The most reliable system known is supposedly Amazon s3 storage which a few online backup providers use. s3 storage has 99.999999999% durability guarantee which equates to just 1 file lost every 10 million years. You can’t really get safer than that. JustCloud, MyPCBackup, and Dropbox are the large known users of Amazon S3.