How Does Online Backup Work

Online Backup involves downloading a company’s software application which will be installed on your computer or laptop.

The application will run in the background backing up your files to their secure storage servers. Most companies use 256 bit SSL encryption which is classed as “Bank Grade Security”

Most companies provide and online control panel so you can search your files online and download, or share these files.

The purpose of the software is to allow you to easily restore your computer if at any point it crashes from hard drive failure, you accidently delete a file or if your laptop is stolen.

Restoring files should be easy with just a few clicks but will take some time to download all your files depending on your internet connection speed.

Some companies like MyPCBackup offer file versioning which will backup multiple versions of documents you edit so you can re-call previous versions.

Online backup is usually simple, automated and gives you peace of mind if you choose the right provider.