Updated SugarSync Cloud Storage iOS App Launched


SugarSync, the cloud storage service that lets users access, share and sync all their important media and documents from a range of devices, recently announced its updated iOS app to its users. Prior to the apps release, the provider said the update was created with users in mind; to correct common flaws users highlighted about its predecessor through feedback.

With its interface redesigned and features enhanced to deliver optimum levels of performance, Apple aficionados will be eager to put the new file management platform to the test.

SugarSync’s new de-clogged design and more intuitive navigation controls allow for speedier access to stored folders and files. The navigation includes a new device filter, which grants users the ability to view all the folders in the cloud, or just the folders syncing to a particular computer. The management of shared files has also been tidied up considerably through the introduction of the ‘Shared by Me’ and ‘Shared with Me’ folders.

The app’s sleek user interface is also now mirrored across the cloud storage provider’s other platforms, such as their latest desktop and web apps.

SugarSync’s much requested Cloud Search feature now allows users to search for any file or folder which has been synced with their cloud from any of their linked mobile or desktop devices. Search results are sorted into different categories to further simply the process.

The new Open In feature means users can open and save files from other apps directly into their SugarSync app. For instance, if an Excel file is received in a user’s inbox, there’s the choice of saving it to the SugarSync Cloud straight from an iOS-based device. You can also select the folder to save it in.

SugarSync CEO Mike Grossman stated: ‘With our always growing mobile jobs and lifestyles, we not only recognize the significance of enabling people to access their files at anytime, anywhere, but also how we can make it simpler for them to be more productive when they’re on the move. We’ve kept the same powerful cloud storage aspects our users have come to depend on from the original iOS app, and have enhanced this version with some highly sought after new additions such as Cloud Search and Open In functionality.

More information can be found on the SugarSync website.