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The Shortcut to Starting an Online Backup Business with MyPC Backup…

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Due to the huge growth of online backup over the past few years, the world’s newest form of backing up files has become a very lucrative marketplace. For those of us who have the skill set and resources to set up a new company and enter this competitive arena, the sky is the limit. But what about the rest of us who don’t know how to get a business rolling and develop a fully functional online backup service, with all the necessary software to boot?

What would be ideal is if you could be given pre-developed software that you could fully customize with your own brand and then sell to an unlimited amount of customers, wouldn’t it?

Sounds like a bit of a dream, though, doesn’t it?

But fortunately it’s not!—in fact, there are many companies out there who offer great opportunities like this. One provider who offers some eye-catching reasons to sign up is MyPC Backup. Here are some of the main features you can expect from their new Reseller Program:

-          The opportunity to sell acclaimed online backup software, loaded with features, and protected by top level encryption

-          Create your own plans for customers, with no restrictions

-          Have an unlimited amount of customers

-          Easy to use control panel where you can manage your account settings, stats, and monitor customers’ storage and sync space usage, and more

-          Additional upgrades to sell to your customers

-          Online live billing, with no surprise costs

-          Absolute re-branding options; customize the color and branding of the control panel your customers will be supplied with, removing all reference to MyPC Backup if you wish

With highly affordable plans on offer, and the knowledge that you’re dealing with an established provider, this is an opportunity to sell your own online backup that may prove hard to avoid.