Symphony Cloud Storage Released from Savvis

Savvis, an arm of CentruyLink, has announced the limited release of its new Symphony Cloud Storage that unites both unlimited capacity and global accessibility with the safety and security of business demands.

Though any business has the option to access Symphony Cloud Storage via the public internet, existing clients of the CenturyLink private network don’t need to pay for data transfer fees when downloading files. Also, clients who host or collocate in a cloud storage operating data center aren’t required to pay transfer fees to move files from infrastructure to cloud storage and vice versa.

Built on the extensively used EMC Atmos platform and compatible with the framework of EMC Atmos API, Symphony Cloud Storage enables users to integrate solutions from vendors already utilizing EMC technologies.

Savvis’ cloud is available from any location in the world and is hosted from data centers situated in Washington D.C., Toronto, London, Santa Clara, Calif, and Singapore.

Symphony Cloud Storage is currently open to a limited amount of Savvis clientele, but will offer full commercial availability in the early quarter of 2013.