SkyDrive’s Online Storage Site Killing Opera Browsers…

It seems that Microsoft’s developers may have suffered a lapse in concentration when they ran through the testing stage of the company’s online storage website, SkyDrive. It’s source code is currently making the service close to inoperable for Opera internet browser users, with the now confirmed reason being because of the 2 million NULL characters included, resulting in hanging due to 100% CPU utilization.

The embarrassing issue was explained within Opera Core Quality Assurance Software Tester Hallyord R.M. Steen’s blog post. A ‘strange bug in the Microsoft backend sends a mass of unexpected NULL characters,’ he stated, which causes conflict as the browser attempts to interpret them.

Besides the general assumption that an overlook by Microsoft is to blame for the problem, Opera isn’t exactly squeaky clean itself. This is because it’s the only browser which suffers the affects imposed by the sourcing code, therefore hanging as a result of locking issues—something which browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox don’t have when connected to the online storage site.

Although Steen has stated that the Opera team will need to resolve its browser issues, he feels the setback has taught them a valuable lesson. ‘(The SkyDrive code is a) great example of how testing in multiple browsers can make you unearth mistakes you never expected to make.’

Hopefully both SkyDrive online storage and Opera can fix any underlying problems soon.