Service Cloud Storage Goes Mobile is hoping that the building dominance of the mobile device revolution will spur more companies to embrace its Service Cloud Storage application, after releasing a free mobile add-on for their customer service.

This new offering, which is HTML5-orientated, includes mobile co-browsing to enable salespeople to help consumers complete transactions through their mobile devices, as well as in-application links to mobile-based char and mobile communities for customer services.

Michael Peachey, Director of Solutions Marketing, stated: ‘Mobile is such an all-encompassing technology that I think it’ll drive customers to rethink how they are deploying customer service.’

The cloud storage and CRM specialist has marginally adjusted its slogan of ‘social, mobile, local’ to ‘social, geo-aware and touch’ as it sharpens its mobile customer service focus. Peachey commented: ‘Legacy customer service systems are quite simply not built for this new mobile era.’ revealed that it has many more similar innovations up its sleeve which it plans on releasing throughout 2013. Alex Bard, the company’s Service Cloud Storage GM, said: ‘ is doubling down mobile.’

CommBank has utilized’s cloud storage services for internal and external social marketing, networking, and its IdeaBank campaign back in 2011.

Michael Harte, their Chief Information Officer, disparaged public cloud storage concerns as ‘rubbish’, detailing that a dozen applications had been shifted onto Amazon Web Services.

David Tannis, CommBank’s Manager of Information Systems & Frontline Analytics, however, stated that his company wasn’t in the business of divulging customer information to a cloud storage provider. ‘We prefer our data managed by the company, for the customers, and stored here in Australia,’ he said at a Gartner conference. hosts data in Singapore, Japan, and the United States. A spokesperson recently commented that the company is still firmly committed to creating an Australian data center, but that a timeframe or completion date could not be given.