Online Storage for Your Important Documents with SafelyFiled

It’s hard to ignore the fact the world’s documents are fast-turning digital. Computers and networks have revolutionized the way we create, edit, and distribute our spreadsheets, word-processed letters and invoices, presentations, and graphic designs.

This has completely changed the office landscape, meaning drawers and cupboards have become awfully sparse in way of physical copies. To secure the data our machines are burdened with collecting and storing on a day-to-day basis, many companies look to modern technologies such as online storage.

Many of these vendors provide all-round file storage, catering for every kind of file type, including music, video and audio. However, there are also those who cater purely to protect office documents, one being SafelyFiled, who specialize in handling sensitive and important information such as insurance claims and estate planning, and passing crucial documents onto family in emergency situations.

In a world where it’s becoming increasingly common for internet-based tech companies to be built by teenagers from their bedrooms, SafelyFiled’s founders have quite a few decades on these young entrepreneurs. At 60 years old, John Dore and Mark Snow hardly seem to be put off by this fact. They both have a wealth of experience due to their years.

Previous, Dore was a CEO of two insurance holding companies, and Snow was the founding executive of five start-ups. The pair’s impressive portfolio has clearly helped mould their most recent project, which was built with sensitive insurance papers and documents as the main focus.

The online storage service, which is Web-based and features a smartphone compatible scanning app, is designed with all users in mind, even if you’re technology-timid. Once users have created a SafelyFiled account, they can start uploading data or delegate the task to an accountant, insurance agent, or tax preparer.

In terms of appearance and security, there are a few concerns. SafelyFiled doesn’t offer the most attractive online storage interface out there—but since it’s designed for the financial side of digital life, perhaps this is forgivable. And since the company is an angel-backed start-up, some users may begin to wonder just how long this provider is going to be around—this company is also asking for your most important files.

SafelyFiled may certainly appeal to its intended market, which you could still call a niche area, but there is no denying they have certainly limited themselves given most users would rather have a provider who caters to every kind of file type such as JustCloud.

One question the company has provided an answer to is ‘what happens to my files when I keel over?’. But whether this is an important enough issue at the moment for users, only time will tell.