Online Cloud Storage for Your Music

Not everyone owns or even wants to own an iPod. In fact, most digital media players that are not branded by Apple cost a lot less and have a lot more features. Now, because of online storage, you can save your music files on the cloud, access them from any of your devices and completely bypass the constant advertisements from iTunes. That’s right, you don’t have to be tied to the iTunes interface to listen to your music. You can still buy from there if you want, but your device won’t have to connect to anything Apple if you don’t want it to as long as you save your files to online cloud storage.

This is great for those that are either against Apple for whatever reason or simply like to have control and privacy over what they decide to save on their cloud storage. This same technique is also available for those that do own Apple products, it would simply mean switching over to your personal cloud storage as opposed to the one that is built in with Apple products.

Not only does it give you more privacy, but it is also a lot more versatile than what other proprietary cloud services offer. By owning your own piece of the cloud for your online storage, you can control who sees your files, where your files go and they also have much better security and protection from private eyes than larger companies like Apple have, because as everyone knows, large companies in the eye of the public are often the biggest targets for hackers.