Online Backup Provider Mega Plans to Snap at Dropbox’s Heals

Kim Dotcom’s new online backup service Mega isn’t expected to be released until the next day or two, but some press outlets have been receiving early glimpses into what the intended Dropbox competitor will offer.

Though no prices have yet been revealed, competitive tiers for all users have been promised, with paid Pro users having the option to choose from 500GB, 2TB and 4TB. Upgrading to a Pro package will also mean users will be able to share files with an increased number of friends, family and work peers. A faster upload speed will also be included with this level of account.

The online backup provider has made no secret that it’s going straight for Dropbox’s jugular. It’s been revealed that filesystem mount integration will be available soon for Windows operating systems, which will allow Mega to appear alongside any other physical storage disks on a user’s computer.

Similar solutions will be available for Linux and OS X which are also in the pipeline for the near future, although the online backup provider has been less specific about release dates. They also promise forthcoming applications for integration through mobile devices, and synchronization between all platforms.

Mega’s long term plan is to ultimately become much more than just a simple online backup service, by offering a range of additional features such as collaboration tools and built-in spreadsheet and word processing applications. This is surely one online backup provider to look out for, since Kim Dotcom has overtly expressed high ambitions to compete with the current kings of the industry.

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