New Google Cloud Storage File Previewing

Cloud storage provider Google Drive recently announced, on the same day it released its new application for Android, that there is a file preview feature now available for all their users.

It is now possible to quickly preview over 25 different file types, flipping between them until you find the one you’re looking for. If you can’t see this new feature in your cloud storage control panel, there’s no need to panic; Google Drive has stated that it’s being rolled out gradually and should be with all users within the week.

Once the feature has integrated with your account, the preview window will automatically show audio, video, images, and document files. Once a file is in preview mode, arrows to either side can be clicked to scroll through in a slideshow fashion. A zoom function will also be available.

Some may say the most efficient way of locating files is by browsing through a list layout. However, if you’re a cloud storage user who often backs up hundreds of media-based files such as videos and images, this is a great way of speeding up the process of finding a needle in a haystack.

More information on this update can be found on the Google Drive cloud storage website.

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