New Cloud Storage Contender SurDoc to Appear at CES 2013

A new contender in the cloud storage market, known as SurDoc, recently announced it will be making an appearance at CES 2013 where it will show avid tech enthusiasts what it has to offer.

CES (the International Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the biggest and most followed consumer electronics exhibitions in the world. Although it’s commonly held in Las Vegas these days, its first show was held in New York back in 1967. The exhibition has played a significant role in introducing the world to standout innovations such as Pong in 1975, HD TV in 1998, and Blu-Ray in 2003.

Though many may not have heard of SurDoc, the cloud storage provider hopes to change this by informing users of its intentions to become a leader of cloud-based services. They plan to demonstrate one of their prized and patented features known as the VisiDoc interface, and also their cloud storage security breakthrough TruPrivacy.

TruPrivacy has the potential to offer users peace of mind when using their cloud storage account due to the fact that hackers, unauthorized third-parties (such as government-based), industry associations, and even SurDoc personal can’t access their stored data.

More information can be found on SurDoc’s website.