New Challenges Facing Cloud Backup

As data production is set to exceed 1.8 billion zettabytes this year, the pressures on online storage are without question going to reach astronomic proportions. In addition to this, cloud backup providers are also facing another challenge. Demands from their users.

As information about online storage and cloud computing fills pages and pages of web copy every hour, and our need for storage continuously increases, cloud backup users are becoming less and less content with the provisions on offer. They are no longer content with just knowing what security provisions are in place, what level of encryption is used and whether or not automated backup comes as standard. Users of online storage are now demanding the addition of, Continuous Data Protection, De-duplication, Faster Recovery Speeds and Bare Metal Recovery as standard.

Whilst some cloud backup providers already offer some of these features, they are not standard yet. To work out which online cloud backup provider is best for you then I suggest you do your research before handing over your cash. You need to make sure that you are going to be signing up to a cloud backup provider who is going to grow as you grow. This is especially prevalent for businesses who are looking to backup as their increase in data storage needs will far exceed those of personal users.



As the pressure grows from users though cloud backup providers will have to up their game in order to meet demands.