Imation Releases New Cloud Storage Service

International scalable data storage and security company, Imation Corp., recently announced the release of its new cloud storage security services for businesses, known as Imation Backup Services.

Imation ONE Backup Services, now available in the US and Canada, provides a safeguard to laptop and desktop computers, while Imation PRO Backup Service provides the same benefits plus the addition of server protection.

Imation ONE and Imation PRO both offer an effective, capable and affordable cloud storage solution which can meet the fast recovery and backup needs of modern day businesses. They also offer backup duplication for enhanced security, military grade encryption, and an easy-to-use portal for web-based restores.

Business development and director of Imation, Tom Gelson, stated: ‘Many companies still don’t backup their data to the cloud, despite the overt risks of possible data loss. Cloud storage services provide one option, yet many companies are hesitant to rely on cloud storage for sensitive files.’

The end product of both cloud storage services is a failsafe for businesses without any data protection currently employed, which can fit in seamlessly and add a vital offsite layer of storage to provide the ultimate backup and restore plan for sensitive data.