IBM Eyes Online Storage & Big Data

IT giant IBM recently unveiled their new file storage systems and software for all companies out there finding managing big data storage and access a struggle.

It was announced from Big Blue that an updated IBM XIV Storage System with network expansion connectivity options and an ample dose of flash storage has been developed. IT professionals can purchase the new XIV with up to twelve 10 gigabyte ethernet ports, or alternatively, twenty two of the 1 gigabyte variety.

XIV Storage Systems are also ready to accelerate the speed of big databases. The collection now supports up to 6 terabytes of Flash-orientated cache. IBM says new capabilities offer a 5x SSD-assisted boost on database workloads over that of generations previous.

XIV’s feet also have some green on them due to its implementation of more efficient data storage centers. New power supplies mean that power consumption has been lowered up to sixteen percent on fully loaded systems.

IBM’s strategy for solving big data issues goes a lot further than simply building bigger and more capable online storage systems. They also want to make it possible for companies to be able to store less.

Version 4.1 of its STN7800 Real Time Compression Appliance has now been unveiled. Developed to integrate with complex IT environments, the System X server-orientated hardware boasts an array of options in way of network connectivity. 10GbE optical, 1GbE copper or mixed 10GbE, and 1GbE environments are supported.

IBM is now releasing new Smart Storage Access software, which is intended to stem the unauthorized use of third party, consumer-grade online storage services as corporate data repositories. On offer is a web self-service portal which requires no IT intervention.

Rod Adkins, Senior Vice President of IBM’s Systems & Technology Group, stated: ‘Big data and online storage which was once only affordable to corporations and enterprises is now available to the masses. With these new systems, IBM is forging an aggressive expansion of its Power and Storage Systems business into SMB and growth markets.’

More information can be found on IBM’s website.