Google’s Cloud Storage Third-Party Application Integration Boosted

Since Google Drive’s inception last year, the tech giant has shown no difficulty in competing with rivals such as Dropbox, SkyDrive and iCloud.

Third-party applications that interact with Google Drive have been long buried, but Google has now announced that changes have been made to make this a thing of the past.

Nicolas Garnier, a Google developer of Drive and Web APIs, commented on the company’s developer blog that more than a hundred different third-party applications feature Google Drive integration, and will be simpler to access and discover.

Space has been added to the ‘Create’ menu for third-party applications to stand alongside others from Google such as Docs and Sheets, plus a ‘Connect to Drive’ application browser to search for Drive-enabled web applications without having to leave the cloud storage service at all.

Clicking the Create button reveals whatever third-party web applications you’ve connected with your Google Drive account, alongside the standard first-party Google applications.

Garnier wrote: ‘This makes your Drive-connected applications easier to reach and more visible to Drive users.’

Once clicking the Connect More Apps within the Create menu, users can browse Drive-connected applications directly from Drive, eliminating the need to visit the Chrome Web Store.

Google Developers whose applications are already compatible with Drive and featured in the Chrome Web Store’s Drive section don’t have to do anything additional for their applications to be consequently integrated as Google will automatically make this happen.

It was recommended by Garnier that Google App developers not yet integrating with Drive should check out the steps on the cloud storage provider’s website to learn more about the process and benefits.

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