FileLocker Cloud Storage Launched

InfraScale have just released their cloud storage-based and privately deployable data storage, syncing and sharing platform. The Californian company’s template for enterprise-grade cloud storage, according to CEO Ken Shaw, was inspired by ‘what SharePoint was’ before too many features were incorporated.

Shaw expressed that FileLocker’s key objective was to recreate simplicity and seamless file sharing for businesses, but also with superior mobile and web access.

FileLocker takes a ‘three-tiered encryption’ approach when it comes to security. Data is encrypted before it leaves a device and is then protected by 256 bit secure socket layer encryption in transit. Once at rest in cloud storage, they are encrypted again.

This means that only FileLocker users can access data on the cloud storage platform. There’s also no chance that a compromised system, rogue employee or even a court order could extract any stored data. ‘It surprises us that it’s not a standard requirement in the collaboration industry,’ Shaw said.

Active Directory support is key to getting enterprises on board. LDAP integration allows administrators to use recognizable user management features. Shaw explained that FileLocker can be set up quickly by IT administrators, being a simple ‘two hour deployment job’.