Data Storage in 2012

Like England losing the World Cup and night following day, the growth of data is inevitable.

World Backup Day 2012 already brought to our attention that the world is well on track to exceed 1.8billion zettabytes of data this year. With no sign of stopping computer users and businesses everywhere need to address their data storage provisions. Already a growing trend, cloud storage is set to expand and become one of the preferred options of data storage well into 2012 and beyond. For those who are not as computer literate as others here is a quick definition of online cloud storage.

Data Storage: Clouds

Clouds are external data storage facilities which house data which has been backed up via an internet connected PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. By encrypting your data to a government enforced level, they are one of the safest forms of data storage in the market.

Completely safe from natural disaster, human error and theft, data storage wins in the safety stakes but is also climbing up the table when it comes to value for money. With low cost, high data storage, capabilities individuals and businesses alike are quickly coming around to the idea that clouds can hold more than just rain. As data storage becomes more and more paramount people are going to have to spend some concerted time and effort deliberating over which data storage provision is best for them. Whilst I would always tout the benefits of online data storage, there are of course alternatives!