Cloud Backup Services

Online computer backups, otherwise known as cloud backups, give users a safe and secure option for storing vital information. Initially, when users sign up to a particular site they will decide what plan they want and upload their information. Initial upload takes the longest, after that, one can just synchronize new information quickly.

One disadvantage to cloud backup is the reliance on Internet. If a user’s personal computer or laptop does not have an Internet connection, it will not be able to back up added information. In addition, the transfer speed is dependent on Internet speed and for customers with slow Internet; the initial backup could take a long time.

Many companies offer cloud backup services. Depending on the specific needs, one company may be more advantageous than the other may. In general, a customer could expect to spend around $60 a year to back up 60 GB of data on one computer. However, some services offer unlimited storage for the same price. In contrast, some services charge based on data use and others allow multiple computers free. For a small business, it makes the most sense to choose a backup service offering reduced rates for multiple computers.

The services that do not allow unlimited storage often make up for the difference with features. Many features are available with cloud services. Most of the services available have some form of mobile app for smart phones or iPods. Some services offer folder synchronizing that creates a folder on a user’s computer that when added to, automatically backs up to the online server.