Online Backup Provider Box Pushes into Healthcare

Monday, April 29th, 2013


Online backup contender Box has recently announced that it is now HIPAA compliant after pushing its way into the healthcare sector and adding ten new healthcare application partners to address the industry’s backup challenges.

Wasting no time, Box has already began signing Business Associate Agreements, whereby the provider agrees to assume all responsibility in safeguarding PHI under the HIPAA guidelines. HITECH states that a BA’s disclosure and use of PHI must comply with both HIPAA Privacy Rule and HIPAA Security Rule.


Box is reportedly HIPAA compliant in a number of ways:

-          Encryption occurs in both transit and rest

-          Physical access restrictions to production servers

-          Stringent logical system access controls

-          File access granted by customers

-          Audit trail of account activities on both content and user

-          Formally defined and tested breach notification policy

-          Training of employees on security policies and controls

-          Employee access to customer data files are highly restricted

-          Redundant data center facilities to mitigate disaster situations


General Manager of Enterprise at Box Whitney Bouck commented: ‘This is one of the few verticals that we’ve chosen to go after aggressively. We work with a variety of verticals and we know we can tackle a range of challenges, but healthcare is one of the top which we are heavily focusing toward.’

Over the past year, Box’s healthcare industry grew 81%. Some of its customers include Health Trust Europe, Wake Forest Baptist Church, and Henry Ford Health System.

Head of Industry Marketing at Box Julie O’Brien stated: ‘The consumerization of IT and evolution of online backup are causing radical changes in the healthcare industry. With four out of five doctors using mobile devices for work-related tasks, mHealth and BOYD are creating new challenges for CMIOs and CIOs at hospitals and large integrated delivery networks across the nation. And as if this wasn’t enough, provider and patient frustrations continue to mount over the lack of interoperability and file sharing in healthcare.’

Online Backup Provider Mega Plans to Snap at Dropbox’s Heals

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Kim Dotcom’s new online backup service Mega isn’t expected to be released until the next day or two, but some press outlets have been receiving early glimpses into what the intended Dropbox competitor will offer.

Though no prices have yet been revealed, competitive tiers for all users have been promised, with paid Pro users having the option to choose from 500GB, 2TB and 4TB. Upgrading to a Pro package will also mean users will be able to share files with an increased number of friends, family and work peers. A faster upload speed will also be included with this level of account.

The online backup provider has made no secret that it’s going straight for Dropbox’s jugular. It’s been revealed that filesystem mount integration will be available soon for Windows operating systems, which will allow Mega to appear alongside any other physical storage disks on a user’s computer.

Similar solutions will be available for Linux and OS X which are also in the pipeline for the near future, although the online backup provider has been less specific about release dates. They also promise forthcoming applications for integration through mobile devices, and synchronization between all platforms.

Mega’s long term plan is to ultimately become much more than just a simple online backup service, by offering a range of additional features such as collaboration tools and built-in spreadsheet and word processing applications. This is surely one online backup provider to look out for, since Kim Dotcom has overtly expressed high ambitions to compete with the current kings of the industry.

Soteria Online Backup Release New Site & Service Feature

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Both an updated website and an additional service feature, known as CloudSync, from Soteria Online Backup have recently become available to their users.

It has been reported that the updated website further optimizes the ease of use, including navigation and control responsiveness, and also contains more useful information and a product tour.

CloudSync, Soteria’s new service feature, is a drop box service which was developed specifically for business, allowing users to create, manage, and fully control all employee sub-accounts. All varieties of data can now be effortlessly shared between employees, which can improve team productivity and give heightened levels of control over organizational information.

In the latter stages of 2013, the online backup supplier is planning to add a new computer interface, which will offer greater reporting and control of account usage. In addition, it will be upgraded to an all new enterprise online backup platform that will provide increased file redundancy with more efficient management controls over file storage.

Soteria provides affordable secure online backup with file sharing capabilities. Users’ files are stored within data centers which are located in South Africa and are also mirrored for increased protection and peace of mind. More information can be found on their website.

LogMeIn’s Cubby Online Backup

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

The new online backup supplier from LogMeIn, Cubby, may be a tad late entering into the online backup race, but due to its aggressive approach is becoming known as a reputable newcomer of the industry. Its service was originally completely free during April, but customers will have to sign up with new pricing plans once the company releases their rates very soon.

Once the pricing subscription structure is introduced, the online backup service will continue to remain in beta mode. However, this is all set to change in the opening stages of 2013.

The current free version, known as Cubby Basic, will continue to offer customers most of the features accessible during the free beta period, such as access to data from Macs, PCs and tablets.

Both free and paid tiers offer online backup, file versioning, public and private sharing, AES 256 bit encryption protection, and data access from Windows, Mac and Android devices. Pro users will additionally have access to DirectSync, one of Cubby’s more prestigious tools, accompanied by increased support and user encryption keys known as Cubby Locks, which let customers set their own file passwords. This could be particularly handy for protecting files on those mobile devices which are easily lost or stolen.

LogMeIn is a Boston, Massachusetts-based company.

Online Backup Provider Dropbox to Open Office in Ireland

Monday, December 10th, 2012

It was recently revealed that US-based online backup provider, Dropbox, will be soon establishing an international Operation Center in Dublin, Ireland. Taoiseach Enda Kenny stated: ‘The new office will build upon Dropbox’s ability to supply technical support to our many online backup users around the world. This investment is supported by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation through IDA Ireland.’

The online backup supplier’s key aim for this new office is to recruit personnel for a variety of job roles, such as account management, user operations, and multi-lingual sales teams. This extension of their workforce will specifically provide support to European regions.

‘As part of Ireland’s mission to become the world’s best small country for business we have become a European hub for many of the world’s leading digital firms,’ Kenny added. ‘The arrival of an online backup firm like Dropbox shows Ireland’s growing capacity to usher in the next generation of internet companies. I wish Dropbox every success and offer them continued support from the Irish Government throughout their development.’

Around thirty to forty jobs are estimated to be created in wake of the new office.

MyPC Backup’s Free Thanksgiving 1GB Online Backup Invites

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

It seems that MyPC Backup has yet another special offer available to their many users over this holiday season. If you’re signed up with the online backup provider or are giving their services a free trial run, you can now send free 1 GB invitations to 10 people of your choice.

This means that you have the ability to instantly give your friends, family and co-workers some free online backup space. 1GB may not sound like a lot—but when you consider it could be utilized to backup over 1000 photos, 1000 songs, or 5000 documents, you might find that you’re recipients will be thanking you quicker than you realize!

Not only will they have the power to backup and protect a whole bunch of files and access them from anywhere and at any time, they’ll also be able to benefit from the provider’s copious features such as file sharing and automated backups.

MyPC Backup also welcomes all of its new free trial members to install its super-easy-to-use mobile online backup apps onto their tablets and smartphones. These are currently free and work on a whole range of devices such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android.

Online Backup in Your Pocket

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Online backup has evolved drastically over the past year. No longer is it a service that’s limited to just desktop and notebook computers, it’s now literally available from our very pockets—that meaning our mobile devices, of course.

Since most of us spend a large portion of our days away from the house, it’s never been more essential to have access to our important files on the move. With online backup, we can all finally say farewell to carrying around those pesky CDs and flash sticks in favor of downloading and uploading our photos, music and videos directly through our smart phones.

And data isn’t just stored anywhere, either—it’s stored in incredibly secure data centers, where files are guarded behind pinnacle levels of encryption when travelling to and from, and in storage. This encryption grade is often used as the security standard within the banking industry.

Other online backup aspects which can be enjoyed are features such as automated camera roll backups, and file syncing, which can share commonly accessed files between other linked devices (such as a computer and tablet).

Many providers offer online backup mobile apps for all kinds of pocket devices, such as those which use the highly popular BlackBerry, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Why eBook Authors Should Invest in Online Backup

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Getting published in paper has never been easy. But nowadays it could be said that it’s even more difficult since publishers have become very stringent on who they open the door to due to the economic climate. This could mean that there’s now an even larger portion of unsigned authors with great potential out there who are being overlooked by agents.

However, this hasn’t stopped people independently publishing their books online and becoming best-selling authors…

Nope, thanks to the innovation of the ebook and online distributers, readers are now in the driving seat when it comes to determining what book they want to pick up.

What this also means is that, due to openness of the ebook novel market, it’s highly likely that there are more people writing fiction than ever before. Now, the literary industry may have gone through some huge changes over the past few years, but the technology on which books are written and stored on still face the same problems; hard drives can crash, become corrupt and infected with viruses, and small portable storage devices can easily be lost, damaged and stolen.

To save all your efforts as you journey through the mammoth task that is writing a book, you should invest in technology’s latest and most advanced form of file protection known as online backup. Not only can you store your novel, you can store copious amounts of your data such as music, videos and photos—from gigabytes, to terabytes, to no limits storage.

Online backup gives you the ultimate form of recovery, since it allows you to recover your novel from a range of internet-ready devices from anywhere in the world. Who says you can only write your novel from your study?

So, as we enter into the new age world of the ebook, be sure to keep yours as secure as possible with online backup.

Hurricane Sandy a Devastating Reminder of Why Online Backup is Vital

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

We’re all aware of the devastation natural disasters can deliver throughout the world, such as tornados, tsunamis and hurricanes. Some populations of the world are used to such realities they know they may face several times within their lifetime. But there are also many other lower risk areas of the world that can be struck, feeling Mother Nature’s wrath with little warning.

Such was the case just days ago when hurricane Sandy left Eastern portions of the United States such as New York and New-Jersey under four meters of water, flooding numerous tunnels, streets and subway lines, cutting off power in many city and suburban areas.

Sadly there is no way of stopping heartbreaking disasters such as these from happening and taking with them people’s homes and possessions. They may take computers and mobile devices with them, but one thing they don’t have to take for good is data due to services offered by online backup providers.

These companies can offer anyone in the world the opportunity to backup their data to offsite servers which are specifically built with the highest levels of durability and reliance throughout their design requirements. Online backup providers also add bank grade levels of encryption to ensure pinnacle data protection is in full operation around the clock, coupled with software that can automatically backup users’ data from computers and linked devices daily. Whether it’s a natural disaster or simply a hard drive crash that should occur, all data can then be recovered quickly through any device with an internet connection.

Since much of our lives are now built of data, such as important documents used in the home and business, along with music, videos and photos, it would seem that online backup is something we could all do with.

The Shortcut to Starting an Online Backup Business with MyPC Backup…

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Due to the huge growth of online backup over the past few years, the world’s newest form of backing up files has become a very lucrative marketplace. For those of us who have the skill set and resources to set up a new company and enter this competitive arena, the sky is the limit. But what about the rest of us who don’t know how to get a business rolling and develop a fully functional online backup service, with all the necessary software to boot?

What would be ideal is if you could be given pre-developed software that you could fully customize with your own brand and then sell to an unlimited amount of customers, wouldn’t it?

Sounds like a bit of a dream, though, doesn’t it?

But fortunately it’s not!—in fact, there are many companies out there who offer great opportunities like this. One provider who offers some eye-catching reasons to sign up is MyPC Backup. Here are some of the main features you can expect from their new Reseller Program:

-          The opportunity to sell acclaimed online backup software, loaded with features, and protected by top level encryption

-          Create your own plans for customers, with no restrictions

-          Have an unlimited amount of customers

-          Easy to use control panel where you can manage your account settings, stats, and monitor customers’ storage and sync space usage, and more

-          Additional upgrades to sell to your customers

-          Online live billing, with no surprise costs

-          Absolute re-branding options; customize the color and branding of the control panel your customers will be supplied with, removing all reference to MyPC Backup if you wish

With highly affordable plans on offer, and the knowledge that you’re dealing with an established provider, this is an opportunity to sell your own online backup that may prove hard to avoid.