Our Number 1 Online File Storage Provider’s Greatest Offer Yet

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Our number 1 provider, which is chosen by our reviewers, has been hogging the number 1 spot for quite a few weeks now it must be said! What is it that makes MyPC Backup such a great provider, though? What is it that separates them from the rest the online file storage contenders?

Well, you’d have to read through the reviews to get a full idea, wouldn’t you? But for now, it can be safely said that it’s because they appear to have hit the bullseye in each area of what an online file storage provider should be.

It seems that, according to reviewers, it not only offers user’s a plethora of practical features and great value for money service, but also a clean and ultra simple interface.

One thing that they are also known for is their giveaways.

Take this new one for example: 365 days of unlimited file storage for absolutely nothing.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

But what’s the catch? OK, well of course you have to do something yourself, and that’s to send 250 Likes to their website. Before you gasp, though—take a second to think about whether this is actually as hard as it sounds.

On Facebook these days it’s not exactly uncommon to have hundreds, if not over a thousand friends, is it? And all you’re asking them (nicely) to do is to take ten seconds to click on a button.

It might take a little bit of work from you to send a few emails, this is true—but it’s far from impossible.

Surely it’s worth it for a whole year of unlimited online file storage though, don’t you think?!

‘Data Collectors’ NEED Online File Storage…

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Online file storage can help everybody. It’s a system that can truly eliminate the need for personally backing up files ourselves, finally letting us worry about doing other things. For many years, all we had was local backup and portable storage, but at last we have a method that can not only automatically backup and store our files, but can also synchronize them across our internet-ready devices such as smartpones, tablets and notebooks, and can offer us recoveries from any computer in any location.

However, we all know that there are some people who need things…and then there are those who absolutely need things.

And who are those people? Who are those people who really shouldn’t be without online file storage?

You could call them ‘data collectors’.

Data collectors go about their everyday virtual lives in a different way to most. For instance, unlike most users who frequently keep their computers relatively tidy by deleting their files and organizing them into folders, data collectors prefer to relieve themselves of this mundane task. Because for them, keeping tidy is not an issue; for them, a hard drive is a storage unit that’s only purpose is to hold their multimedia and documents.

And there’s nothing wrong with this. But because these people have such a vast amount of information (which makes specific files hard to find), it may put them off from backing up their files to CD’s and DVD’s, etc, because…well, at the end of the day, backing up is something these people detest doing more so than most users!

Online file storage can help by storing data on a remote high-end encrypted data center that can offer them the extra lifeline also known as data recovery. This system can also offer users who utilize a lot of hard drive space (which can slow down computer performance) the opportunity to relieve themselves of all this data by simply chucking it into their online file storage vendor’s storage basket for a change. This way, they can download and create as many files as they want, and not have the responsibility of storing or securing it.

This means no more writing CD’s. No more additional hard drives. And no risk of losing data.

Online File Storage; You Won’t Even Know it’s There

Friday, June 8th, 2012

OK, so of course you’ll know it’s there…but in a way, after a while you probably won’t. At most, it will seem like it’s at a great distance, nowhere near the things you usually worry about.

For many years local backup software has done wonders for our file storage and security needs, but has also lasted…well, too long. It really did have a good run and played a vital stepping stone for today’s technology, but has too many flaws to continue to survive in the present. For the most part, it is simply outdated and very limited. This is for a number of reasons such as security, data loss, and storage issues. But the main reason, though, is automated online backups.

Automated backups themselves are not a new invention—but coupled with the online transfer element, history has certainly been made. And this is what really separates these two systems apart, because not only can online file storage vendors provide you with automated backups, they can also provide the muscle necessary to protect them through transfer.

So just how safe are they?

The answer: Very. In fact, the level of encryption used is also the standard that’s utilised by the government.

And so both of these features of high online file storage security and automation will eventually lead to one thing—users not even knowing their online file storage system’s there. And this is meant in a good way. It’s possible because users will no longer have to worry about either security, or, remembering to backup!

What could be more fantastic than this?!

Online File Storage a Virus Beater

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

PC and laptop users have always been victim to various viruses and malware which unfortunately plague our internet galaxy. Sometimes it’s just because of plain old bad luck.

Often we accidentally open emails or click on links we had no idea could cause us major problems. Sometimes it can be the result of a friend’s infested flash stick which has been inserted into your computer.

And then there’s the other side. Sometimes, even with anti-virus software installed and functioning on your PC, you can still be at risk. And by you, we are talking about your files—your prized documents, music, photography and videos.

Viruses can do serious damage to your computer—the worst case scenario being file loss. If it’s your home computer that has been targeted, it is no joke. And if it is your work computer/s it can mean very serious ramifications indeed. Even if you had local backup software installed on your hard drive, there’s a good chance the virus got to it as well.

With online file storage your data will never be lost and will always be both accessible and recoverable. But what if the data center gets a virus just like a home or office computer? For a start, the likelihood of this is extremely unlikely. As for the why, it’s fairly easy to understand. Every aspect of the storage, including the servers themselves and the upload and downloads, is protected by often military and government standard encryption. Add a team of data center monitors, and your files could not be any safer.

And so it’s always worth thinking about upgrading your level of backup to online file storage, whether you’re a home or business user, sooner rather than later…before that looming virus finds you!

Finding File Storage For You

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Personal file storage isn’t as simple as it used to be. Rewind 30 years and there were floppy discs, go back 20 and there were CD’s, go back 5 and there were USB sticks and flash drives.

In 2012 there are hundreds of online file storage providers out there all expelling there virtues of their service over another. So how do you choose?

The important thing is to remember why you are looking for file storage anyway. My guess is, to ensure the safety of your files and free up space in order for you to generate more. With this in mind you have to consider two factors when making a decision as to which file storage provider to choose, 1) what sort of security do they offer? and 2) how much file storage do they provide.

Security is simple. By using a cloud storage provider you automatically reduce the risk of your files being lost through natural disaster, human error or theft immediately as cloud storage servers are located in remote locations. By using this type of file storage you remove your files from being in the vicinity of your PC or laptop meaning if a pipe were to burst in your house or someone were to burgle you, your files wouldn’t be anywhere near so therefore safe from harm.

Encryption is the other factor to consider in the acquisition of a file storage provider. What level of encryption do they use? The enforced standard is 128bit, but many providers go above and beyond. If you want that extra level of safety then look for one with a greater SSL encryption standard.

Space is the second of the two factors, how much file storage do you need? How much do they offer? Online file storage providers offer anywhere from 2GB to unlimited GB so there is a provider to suit you. If you are only looking to backup your most essential files then look for a provider with a small and often free GB allowance. If however your needs are larger why not try a provider who offers 20GB or unlimited storage a year. The main thing to bare in mind is that you are receiving value for money.

Finding the file storage provider for you is a process which takes time and research, but one thing we can guarantee is that your files with definitely be safer than if you don’t back them up at all.

Business Cloud Storage Can Save You Money

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Business cloud storage is a growing industry. Reports have found that spending on business cloud storage will top $100billion by 2015 without even breaking a sweat. As more and more companies take the plunge, we look at 3 of the key reasons why business cloud storage can save you money.

1. Staffing costs are the greatest expenditure of most companies. Whilst staff are important to businesses and the economy, money can be saved by business who are still using in house servers and IT teams. By outsourcing your file storage needs to a business cloud storage supplier, you automatically reduce your staffing costs. Whilst this blog doesn’t advocate firing anyone we do believe that you can streamline your business and reduce your IT costs by using a third party cloud storage provider.

2. Electricity isn’t cheap, we all know this from our household bills, so imagine having to power not only multiple servers but the air conditioning needed to keep them cool, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week….frightening thought isn’t it…. Business can reduce these costs, again by outsourcing their business cloud storage to an external provider. All the costs of housing your data are included in the price you pay. You also don’t have to worry about additional costs of hiring workmen for example, if your air conditioning were to break. Business cloud storage providers take care of it all.

3. Servers aren’t small. Businesses who still house their servers internally incur additional rental costs by having to acquire larger venues from which to work. Business cloud storage can reduce rental costs by storing your data on remote servers.

There are of course other money saving aspects to business cloud storage but in our opinion these are the three which will see the greatest immediate savings. The benefits of business cloud storage will of course vary from business to business, but all will see savings.


PC Backup: Perfect for Photographers

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Photography is quickly becoming a leading past time for people everywhere. As cameras get more and more advanced so do the quality of the photographs we are able to take. Generating large numbers of files in a short space of time is exactly why PC Backup is a photographers best friend.

Whether they are casual family snaps or portraits of high profile people, photographs stored on your PC could benefit exponentially from being stored with a PC backup provider.

Firstly they are safer. Accidents happen all the time, PC’s break, we spill coffee on them, the kids interrupt you and whilst bashing around on the keyboard they accidentally press delete, we’ve all been there. Automatic backup, which is a feature of pc backup, can prevent your files from being accidentally lost by backing them up to your cloud every hour, every day, every week depending on your schedule. This feature of PC backup also protects files against theft or loss from natural disaster.

Another feature of PC backup which is of great benefit to photographers is it’s simplification of file sharing. PC backup users no longer have to painstakingly email a photo at a time to a friend or colleague. Instead they can send one email with a URL on it inviting the recipient to access all the files stored in a particular folder to peruse at their leisure.

If you are photographer, professionally or for pleasure, PC backup is a must. Protecting your photographs from loss and simplifying sharing your photo’s with others are just two of the benefits of pc backup but there are many more to be discovered. Online file storage is the future.

Cloud File Storage Still Has its Skeptics

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Despite public majority opinion, and the fact that online file storage is set to save home and business users billions throughout the world, there are still many skeptics who dispute whether this new system is one that is worth investing in.

It seems that these people are particularly apprehensive because of two main factors: Privacy and Security. However, these two reasons should not be in the thought trails of any computer users as there simply is no reason to worry. Why? Well, that’s not hard to explain.  You’d only have to ask the current subscribers of online file storage systems to find out why.

But for now, we’ll quickly go through those two points.

Security – this should never be an issue, because online file storage companies use highly secure third party locations to store data. My PC Backup, for example, stores all of their customer’s data on Amazon S3 storage servers; the most reliable and comprehensive around.

Privacy – this should also never be an issue due to the fact that online file storage companies have only one interest. And that is to store their customer’s files safely and securely, and to grant them easy access from a multitude of different internet ready devices.

So there you have it. Don’t worry about online file backup—worry about what might happen WITHOUT it.

The Times They Are A Changing

Friday, May 11th, 2012

One day in the not too distant future there will be museums dedicated to the rapid advancement of technology. There will be sections dedicated to the floppy disc, to the flash drive and even to the most recently surpassed external hard drive. Archaic desktop storage systems are being so rapidly replaced by better and more efficient alternatives that they a becoming distant memories in our own lifetimes.

Desktop storage is an important feature of modern day computer maintenance but since the invention of the cloud, more physical forms of file storage are losing their place in the hearts of computer users everywhere. Long gone are the days of manually backing up your files to a pen drive or a box of CD’s instead now we incorporate a cloud storage service to take care of the protection of our files.

Automated backups mean we no longer have to remember to manually save copies of our files and file versioning means that as well as the most recent incarnation of our file, we also have the previous 4….just incase.  Cloud storage does all of this for you, you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself or sit having rename files in order to organise them for future reference.

Without question though, the greatest advancement in desktop storage is the fact that it is no longer stored on your desk top. Clouds, whilst figuratively are in the sky, in reality are actually homes for your files stored away from your computer on remote servers, often in other countries. This protects your files from theft and damage in a way that desk top storage systems, like external hard drives, just can’t compete with.

While no one likes to wave goodbye to the old, as computers become ever more central to our daily lives, the way we maintain and protect them will have to evolve too. Which means saying goodbye to old desktop storage methods.

Bye Bye Hard Drives

Friday, May 11th, 2012

So long, farewell, au revoir, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye hardrives, hello online storage!

The days of external hard drives, USB sticks and floppy discs are long gone. Online storage is the future of file safety in the 21st century and here is why.

Online storage protects your files in a way that its predecessors could only dream of. By storing copies of your files on remote servers, well away from your PC or Laptop means that not only do you have a secure copy of your files if some tragedy were to befall your PC but also if tragedy were to strike your location. Natural disasters can generate untold damage. Whilst storing your files on a remote server won’t rebuild your house, it will allow you access to your house insurance documentation, your inventory of belongings and all the pictures you have of family holidays and Christmases. Whilst homes can be rebuilt, you can’t get back photographs or videos of special memories if the only copy you have is on your PC or Laptop.

As well as protecting your data from natural disasters, it can also prevent them from falling foul of human ones too. Laptops are a prime example of equipment which can be the victim of human incompetence. We can drop them, spill stuff on them, leave them on trains or press delete when we weren’t meant to, all errors which can result in data loss. By using an online storage provider you can keep an up to date copy of all your files incase one of these things were to happen. Full and partial restorations can be made or you can simply access the singular file, you didn’t mean to delete.

Without a doubt online file storage is the future of pc backup. It is no wonder we are waving goodbye to more traditional methods and opening up ourselves to a much more secure, digital age.