Enterprise Computer Backup File Sharing Launched by Novell

Sunday, May 12th, 2013


Infrastructure supplier Novell is setting itself against computer backup-based file sharing with an onsite service.

Known as Filr, it’s targeting to compete alongside big-time computer backup names such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Dropbox, with the difference of using a business’s existing onsite infrastructure to enable employees the ability to access data without the need to up them to a third party architecture.

This is made possible by integrating with current systems, and automatically filling folders on a user’s devices with data from a corporate server. According to Novell, this addresses security concerns around the trend for Bring Your Own Device as Filr recognises data security policies as well as firewall, backup and antivirus configurations.

The service supports platforms of existing enterprises, such as Microsoft Active Directory, and allows employees global search capabilities based on existing rights of access. It also allows users to share data internally and externally from the business, and keeps track of collaboration activities in real time.

Novell President & General Manager Bob Flynn said of Filr: ‘Unlike any other file sharing solution on today’s computer backup market, it supplies the access and collaboration capabilities to maintain employee satisfaction and productivity, whilst meeting IT’s need for enhanced security, compliance and the ability to leverage established protocols.’

Computer Backup Essential for Photography

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

When it comes to photos, we all know that computer backup can back them up and store them safe and sound should a potential data disaster strike any of your devices. But is this the only way that computer backup can come in handy when it comes to securing the photos captured by the novice or professional photographer?

Many people think it is—but the fact of the matter is that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s take a look at a few other ways computer backup can aid those who enjoy being behind a camera:

More Than Just Backup – Yes, we all know that backups can be made from our desktop computers at home, but now thanks to mobile apps—which most provides now offer—each time you take a photo on your smartphone or tablet it can be instantly backed up to your computer backup account, as can your entire camera roll at the press of a button.

Simple Sharing – Another great feature of many mobile apps is the ability to be able to send photos straight to social network sites like Twitter and Flickr. But what if you’re a pro and don’t want to share your work with the entire world? Well, that’s covered too. Nearly all computer backup software nowadays allows you to share all kinds of files, including images and videos, with friends, work colleagues and family. This is a much simpler and time saving way of transferring photos as it eliminates the arduous and repetitive task of writing to many CDs and flash drives.

Never be Without Your Highlight Reel – If there are a number of photos you always want readily available on all of your devices (perhaps your best work which you may wish to present to potential clients), this can be done easily by storing these files in your Sync Folder. This folder can then be accessed from all of your devices should you need to view these photos on a regular basis.

So, if security and efficiency for your files is what you’re after, then these benefits and many more, which are provided by computer backup, are what you need to manage your photography lifestyle.

Computer Backup Subscriptions Set to Continue to Soar

Friday, September 14th, 2012

During the course of 2012 so far, if there’s been one thing about computer backup which no one can deny, it’s that popularity for the revolutionary system has skyrocketed, making it become both a very lucrative and competitive business to be involved in.

And the results from recent research carried out by IHS iSuppli shows that the industry will carry on its global expansion at an equally fast rate, with an estimated 500 million subscribers adopting and running computer backup by the close of the year. Fast forward a few years to 2017 and a whopping 1.3 billion are expected to be on board.

These numbers will be due not just to the existing giants and emerging newcomers of the industry, but from the many others which will be popping up out of nowhere and entering into the prosperous pool of computer backup.

Director for consumer and communications, Dr. Jagdish Rebello, commented that: ‘In a world where wireless devices like smartphones and tablets handle broadband data on a continual basis, businesses are realizing the importance of computer backup services in allowing consumers to sync, manage and store content across their devices.’

The projected growth over the next few years is simply mind blowing, and with this growth, an even more highly competitive field will likely become the norm, with a group of elite service providers establishing themselves in the computer backup arena.

Mobile Giant Planning to Release its Mcloud Computer Backup by End of Year

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile service provider, is currently planning to unveil its computer backup service—to what could be to over a billion Chinese customers—by the latter part of this year. Its computer backup will be known as the Mcloud, and will not just bear a familiar look and feel to Apple’s iCloud, but has also been built to directly compete with it.

One of the ways the giant provider plans to do this is by quashing Apple’s free 5 gigabytes of storage by offering what could be over at least 10 gigabytes. This would certainly cause Apple’s eyebrows to raise a little.

The eastern company’s deputy manager, Shen Hongqun, recently stated: “People, in the past, deposited valuables in banks. But now, as we enter an era of digital living, we have new demands to keep our information, such as files, messages and photos, safe.”

Like most computer backup systems, the Mcloud will be capable of letting users manage their important data such as audio, photos, videos, contacts and calendars.

White Label Computer Backup? What’s That?!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Almost everyone has heard of computer backup by now, whether it’s business or home related. ‘Cloud’ is no longer a mysterious word, and the understanding of its importance and functionality within our world is no longer a subject that has people scratching their heads. It may have seemed radical in its early days, but like the evolution of other technologies, over time we all realize that it’s merely an advancement from older more limited methods.

But what’s all this talk about ‘White Labeling’?

In terms of computer backup, it usually applies to the act of reselling a provider’s software. So, let’s say you run an IT related website and are looking to add another aspect to bring in more profit. You want to add something, and this is where reselling could help you.

A lot of providers are currently offering a white labeled program to their customers, meaning that if they wish to become a reseller, they will be given the option to customize their computer backup software and its associated applications to represent their own brand. For example, they may allow you to customize you own logo image, product title, help URL, license agreement, installer title, etc.

Put simply, white labeling allows you to re-brand and sell a provider’s already developed software, which can make for an easy ride toward maximizing your site’s profits.

Online Computer Backup Ready for a Tablet Future

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

We may be only twelve years into this century, but already there are a lot of changes taking place. Mobile phones firstly took the world by storm, which took not only the pay phone off the map, but also a large number of smirks that had existed on high flying businessmen’s faces since the 80’s.

Yes, the world was slowly becoming mobile. A few years later came the smart phone, offering both high quality digital photo and video recording, music playing capabilities, and apps to speed up everyday tasks.

The newest addition to this, of course, which needs no introduction due to the fact that it’s spreading like wildfire, is the tablet.

With everyone now being able to be on the move a lot more due to all of the freedom these devices offer, another unavoidable advent had to inevitably hit our lives. It’s known by a few different names, but online computer backup will do for now.

Online computer backup grants us all access to our data lives whenever and wherever we are—in the world.

Impressive, huh?

And given the added security, affordability, and practicalities of this new system, it’s no wonder that it’s already being used by millions and millions of people.

Due to its compatibility with tablets, it’s surely set to be the face of how we share and access our information in years to come. And by taking a look at the following statistic, it’s not hard to understand why:

-          248,000,000 tablets are estimated to be sold between now and 2015 (with 78,000,000 this year alone)

And if online computer backup builds at the same speed as it is currently, mobile data storage could become the norm sooner than we think.

Online Computer Backup Lets You Out of the Office

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

In the near future, you’ll be able to escape your office thanks to online computer backup. And it’s thanks to its increasingly available mobile device app growth that will help achieve this.

For you, as a business owner, this may seem like a dream which has consistently evaded you many, many years, that is now about to come into fruition. You’re not alone…

For years your office computer has served you well, but has, because of technology limitations, kept your backside planted in your chair for most of your working days. Hopefully you’ve had a comfy seat. But get ready to weaken your relationship with it, because the time for being equally productive, if not more, on the outside is not far away.

Firstly, the obvious benefits of mobile computer backup are its abilities to grant you access to your company’s data and to manipulate it while on the move—anywhere! Sound good? Thought so.

Just what are you supposed to be doing when you get out of your office, though? Well…whatever you want! Here’s a few possible places your numb backside could take you:

-          To go and see customers. It’s true that some people do still favor face to face interaction over emails every now and again, you know…

-          To have a wonder around your offices to speak with your employees (because it’s true that not everyone’s voice always gets heard in those half hour meetings…) If this isn’t something you once had the time to do, it will also give you an idea of what productivity levels are like when you’re not around

-          To go to a café. Public places can be a valuable source for building creative space that in turn can lead to the birth of ideas you may of otherwise not have had in the office

Whatever you’d like to do, it will be possible thanks to online computer backup.

Just remember to keep it work related…!

Online Computer Backup Can Benefit All Operating Systems

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Online computer backup has certainly made a big impression in the world to date. Online computer backup does a lot of things for often a cheap price. It has saved many personal and business users money.

For instance, if an employee cannot make it into work because of a horrific accident situated in his travelling route, thanks to a feature called ‘data sharing’ and ‘data collaboration’, he can easily access files originally created at work through his link to the company’s cloud from the comfort of his own home. Instead of him wasting a day without doing any work, he can still be productive and carry on as if he were in the office. Nowadays companies can also save on outgoings by eliminating the need to buy recordable CD’s, flash drives, and NAS drives.

This is, of course, just a fraction of what computer backup can do for its customers. Unfortunately though, there are still a lot of businesses and individuals who think their Mac and/or Linux operating systems are either not supported by online computer backup or are not safe to install onto yet. This is absolutely not true, though. In fact, online computer backup is available for and can be installed onto these operating systems just as easily as Windows.

Complete compatibility is granted, so now these users have no excuse for not protecting their work with the most up to date backup technology!

The Key To Computer Backup

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

The key to computer backup lies in its simplicity. Compared to years gone by where files had to be manually copied to external hard drives, CD’s or even way back when to floppy discs, online computer backup is now automated so that not only don’t you have to manually backup, you don’t even have to remember.

Automated backup is a key feature of online backup. Computer backup providers refer to is as the ‘set and forget’ function. On installation of your chosen providers interface you go through a process of steps to set up the automation. Automated backup can occur as often as you feel necessary. If you only generate a small number of files a week then backing up once a week is probably adequate, but if you generate a lot of files then you can set it to backup daily or even hourly. By using the automated backup feature you can rest easy knowing that your files are being safely backed up. It is worth noting that this process can be scheduled to occur at night if you are worried about it interrupting your day to day computer usage.

Online computer backup is the safest way to protect your files against everything from hard drive failure to theft. Unfortunately it isn’t a question of if, but when. 1 in 10 laptops are stolen and all hard drives fail at some point in their life span meaning your data is always at risk. Subscribing to a computer backup provider is not only easy but it is good value for money and you don’t need a degree in IT to make it work for you.


Computer backup can save your bacon

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

You may think that this statement is a little dramatic or playful perhaps but thanks to the ever increasing way computers are infiltrating our lives and becoming such an intricate part of how we both generate and store information computer backup could quite literally save the day on more than one occasion.

File Versioning:

Did you spend days toiling away on your dissertation? Or generating a client winning presentation, only to find that you wish you hadn’t changed that bit a couple of days ago, because now you can’t remember what you wrote? Well thanks to file versioning, a feature of computer backup, this would no longer be an issue. Multiple incarnations of the same file are saved to allow users to return to previous saved versions if they wanted to go back at any point. This is perfect for students or colleagues who are working collaboratively on a project.


In 2010 1.5 million laptops were stolen in the US. That’s 1.5 million people whose data, if not backed up, was lost…..forever. If those individuals had backed up their data to a computer backup provider those files could have easily been restored and replaced to a new laptop or PC in a few simple clicks.

Human Error:

We’re all human, we all drop things, forget things, lose things or delete things by accident. No matter what incident befalls your PC or Laptop, files which have been backed up are well out of reach of any accident that could possibly occur. Whilst this doesn’t change the fact you may have to replace your laptop is you dropped or spilled something on it, it does mean its contents can be easily restored. It would be like it never happened.

If you don’t already subscribe to a computer backup provider, think about all the files you have saved on your computer, all the photo’s, all the songs and all the work and then think about how devastated you would be if you lost it all. You can’t put a price on it can you? Like I said before, computer backup can save your bacon.