JustCloud Releases its Business Cloud Storage Plans

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

For a long time JustCloud have been offering unlimited cloud storage and their many other features, catering mainly for users of the home variety. However, it seems that this is all set to change as they now eye some bigger fish in the form of business cloud storage customers.

When most people think of business cloud storage, they tend to think of larger storage accounts and multiple user access within the company. It would appear that this is just the tip of the iceberg, though, when it comes to JustCloud’s new service on offer.

Here are a few of the benefits this growing giant of cloud storage is offering to potential business customers:

Complete Control – An unlimited amount of employees within your company may have access to their own control panel where they can manage their backups, but you as an administrator can oversee and control what files different departments and individuals have access to.

Optimal Organization – Their business cloud storage plans allow you to store all of your company’s files in one central place where they are easily located and accessed (meaning you can say goodbye to all that legwork needed to search for mobile storage devices for good!).

Share and Collaborate – Files can easily be sent and shared between employees, co-workers and clients.

Never Miss a Backup Again – With 100% automation, files are not only automatically backed up, but can also be scheduled to do so on a weekly, daily or hourly basis.

‘Bank Grade’ Security – Whether being downloaded from, uploaded to, or sitting inside your business cloud storage, you can rest assured knowing that your data is protected behind ‘bank grade’ encryption at all times.

For more information, simply visit JustCloud’s website.

Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks with Business Cloud Storage

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Cyber attack related data loss is a major danger according to recent findings. The data loss survey recorded findings from seven hundred IT professionals, revealing what their data loss experiences were, what they feared the most, and what their best weapon against fighting data loss through cyber attacks was.

There are many concerns neighboring data loss, but did you know that close to 1/3 of companies have been the victims of data loss within the past three years? Many suspect that cyber crime is the main threat for this loss in data, with 1/3 commenting that they think cyber crime has been a problem in the past and will continue to pose as a danger in the future.

One of the largest factors here is that access to networks in and outside of companies has become increasingly in demand, with forty percent more people accessing corporate networks than 2 years ago. A huge number of companies have reported breaches to their data which has put their networks, email systems and paramount data at risk, with many of these happening because of cyber attacks.

Here’s a couple of facts from the report:

-          20% of IT professionals stated that they thought cyber attacks would be the biggest risk to their companies in the next year

-          Over 52% believed that their companies’ personal data, like customer credit card details for example, was the most desirable to be stolen

The rise in data loss resulting from cyber crime has granted many companies a good reason to invest in business cloud storage.

Business cloud storage would be a tremendous idea, as it would mean that companies would not have to store their priceless data on site, and could alternatively store it on a more secure remote server. This way if a cyber attack was to strike, at least they could have the peace of mind in knowing that they would only have access to a limited range of files that would not make a large impact on their companies.

So if you’re a business owner, why waste anymore time? Get business cloud storage today.

Three Likely Reasons for Business Data Disaster

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Many small to medium sized businesses think as long as their tech guy is always on the lookout from his watchtower for potential invading threats, that there’s no need to incorporate a business cloud storage system. But, like when driving a car, even though you too are on the lookout for hazards, there is always the chance that one could appear from out of nowhere.

Here are three very real threats that could hit your business:

Malicious Intentions

All malice aimed at business starts on the outside of the office, right?

Wrong!—in fact, in recent years, on-site disgruntled employees have shown themselves to be very capable when it comes to getting their fingers on their employer’s data. What are they likely to erase? If we look at recent history, it reveals a few spine chilling answers to that question. Among them, were whole banks of virtualized servers, and, corporate mailboxes. To say this is scary stuff would be a criminal understatement…

Damage/Theft to Storage Devices

Let it firstly be said that portable storage devices such as flash drives, CD’s and hard drives are not forms of off-site backup. And why is that? Because off-site backup is classed as a form of storage that cannot be lost (is immobile), damaged, and was created with longevity in mind. And so if you think that your portable devices you take to and from the office will either last forever, won’t break, or won’t get lost/stolen, you need to be a bit more realistic.

Because Deletion Accidents Happen…

This is when you’re working on autopilot and accidentally delete a twenty page report which has taken you two days to complete. At this point, you softly utter the words: ‘Oh dear, oh dear…what a silly sausage I am.’ Or, alternatively, you may prefer to use a different choice of words…

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to these happenings in the work place, they cannot be avoided. They can, however, be countered by installing a business cloud storage system which can reverse the impact of a tragedy. So don’t get stung. Act now and get business cloud storage.

Stats Again Show Why Companies Need Business Cloud Storage

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Online business cloud storage is not hard to find. Everybody is aware of its capabilities in solving backup problems and that it can be the catalyst which a lot of places of work depend on. Whether it’s on the TV, internet, or in the papers they hear about it, there is no denying that it’s the future of business cloud storage.

Although this is common knowledge, a large chunk of people prefer to keep their heads deep into the sand, telling themselves they lady luck will show them mercy when it’s their turn to be included in the IT failure lottery.

But why should they upgrade to business cloud storage in the first place when they already have tape and onsite local backup in operation? This new statistic might explain why:

Of the forty four percent of businesses which continue to employ a local backup scheme, a meagerly thirty seven percent of these test it per year.

This is a distressing figure because it means that though these companies do at least have a local business cloud system in use, they are not checking its functionality and performance even nearly enough. This is not good news. We as humans can’t be blamed for being imperfect and therefore putting off or being distracted from keeping an eye on our storage systems—but there comes a point when avoiding this issue just won’t do.

Online business cloud systems can remove this problem by automatically scheduling your data to be backed up every few hours (if need be), and can run silently and independently, eliminating worries of manual backup and supervision.

Business Cloud Storage Safer Than Many Think

Monday, May 21st, 2012

There are a lot of businesses who are on the verge of crossing the online storage threshold about to enter into an easier way of backup. Unfortunately for them, the notion of just how safe their data would be is just too great for them. They know of syncing, file versioning, file collaboration, and all of the other features associated with business cloud storage, but can’t manage to shake off the feeling that something could go wrong.

If they’re worried about their files becoming either lost, stolen, damaged, or in the worst case scenario, irretrievable, this should not be a cause for concern. Why? Because this is somewhat of a very, very unlikely event. This is because of two reasons: not only do business cloud storage suppliers employ teams of data monitors to oversee their storage centers to ensure maximum protection and security, they also employ the use of another system; a system which will hopefully relieve many businesses of their cloud fears. This commonly used system, utilized by suppliers like MyPCBackup, is known as a ‘Mirrored Data Center.’

These are necessary to have in place for a number of reasons. Not only do they ensure that the original stored data is backed up twice for extra safety, they also keep data secure and protected while any servicing or maintenance is carried out on the original server (and vice versa). And what could be any better than this? It’s almost like being subscribed to TWO business cloud storage companies for the price of one!

Business Cloud Storage Can Save You Money

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Business cloud storage is a growing industry. Reports have found that spending on business cloud storage will top $100billion by 2015 without even breaking a sweat. As more and more companies take the plunge, we look at 3 of the key reasons why business cloud storage can save you money.

1. Staffing costs are the greatest expenditure of most companies. Whilst staff are important to businesses and the economy, money can be saved by business who are still using in house servers and IT teams. By outsourcing your file storage needs to a business cloud storage supplier, you automatically reduce your staffing costs. Whilst this blog doesn’t advocate firing anyone we do believe that you can streamline your business and reduce your IT costs by using a third party cloud storage provider.

2. Electricity isn’t cheap, we all know this from our household bills, so imagine having to power not only multiple servers but the air conditioning needed to keep them cool, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week….frightening thought isn’t it…. Business can reduce these costs, again by outsourcing their business cloud storage to an external provider. All the costs of housing your data are included in the price you pay. You also don’t have to worry about additional costs of hiring workmen for example, if your air conditioning were to break. Business cloud storage providers take care of it all.

3. Servers aren’t small. Businesses who still house their servers internally incur additional rental costs by having to acquire larger venues from which to work. Business cloud storage can reduce rental costs by storing your data on remote servers.

There are of course other money saving aspects to business cloud storage but in our opinion these are the three which will see the greatest immediate savings. The benefits of business cloud storage will of course vary from business to business, but all will see savings.


Cloud Storage: Cost Cutter

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Business are flooded with information about how important making the move in to the cloud is and how it is the most cost effective way of storing your data. But is it true?

Whilst we can’t comment on all business, here are some of the savings you can make by making the move to cloud storage.

Staffing: Employees are the backbone, but also the most expensive part of any business. In house IT teams often need multiple members in order to ensure the safety of your data and the up keep of your servers. Cloud storage is run by a third party. Monitoring of servers and protection of your data comes as standard. Whilst employees are important, a large IT Team would be unnecessary if you were storing your files in the cloud.

Money saved = Multiple Salaries

Electricity Bills: In house servers are not cheap to house. Not only do you have to consider the cost of running the servers but also the cost of continuos air conditioning in order to keep the racks cool. High electricity bills can be attributed to the 24 hour a day power supply that is needed to keep them online. Cloud Storage servers are housed by your third party provider and all costs are incorporated into your package.

Money Saved = Electricity Bills

Space: In house servers need a home. A specific, easy to monitor home. The cost of renting or owning this extra space is alleviated by cloud storage providers as they store your servers for you in a remote location at no extra cost. It is again, incorporated into your cloud storage package cost.

Money Saved = Rent/Space

From these three elements alone it is easy to see why businesses are being pushed to move in to business cloud storage. It isn’t the cost of storing your data which is expensive if kept in house, it is how it is stored and monitored in house which is costly. Whichever way you look at it, cloud storage cuts costs.

Business Cloud Storage Beckons Businesses

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Over $400 million worth of data is lost every year by businesses in the US every year, which is why business cloud storage is beckoning businesses to incorporate their services and demonstrate good data storage practices not only to they clients but to their competitors as well.

The business cloud storage market is growing exponentially with provisions improving month on month to ensure the safety of data. Unlike its predecessors, online backup is the safest way to protect your data from loss for the following reasons:

Reason 1: Business cloud storage providers, store your data on servers housed away from the original source of the data. Cloud storage servers could be anywhere. Whilst this sounds like a daunting prospect, it is not one for businesses to worry about instead they should focus on the fact that by storing your data away from its source you are protecting it from being lost courtesy of natural disaster or industrial accident.

Reason 2: All good business cloud storage providers use government level encryption when uploading and storing data. Encryption scrambles your data into a format which can only be unscrambled using a specific key. This process not only protects your data from viral attacks but also from malicious employees who maybe looking to bring harm to your business. By preventing scorned employees from accessing a copy of the original, the permanent damage they can cause can be limited.

Reason 3: Business cloud storage provides don’t just copy your documents once, they do it multiple times. This reduces the chance of a single piece of data being lost, once in every 10 million years.

Business cloud storage is the answer to the prevention of data loss. Businesses who aren’t already on board, need to be. Data loss is expensive both financially and for companies reputations, so listen what are you waiting for? $400 million isn’t a joke and the more data we produce the bigger this figure will become if businesses don’t start incorporating better data storage solutions.


Businesses who have bad backup practices lose $400million

Monday, May 7th, 2012

A recent survey has highlighted that businesses who do not incorporate good business backup practices lose an estimated $400 million worth of data every year. Companies who store between 2 & 7 TB of data have suffered data loss in the last 12 months, with over half of those having lost data on more than one occasion. In business terms the cost of insufficient data protection costs businesses between 2-5% of their annual revenue.

In the current economic climate a loss like that has more of an effect than you think, but it shouldn’t happen. There is a hugely competitive business backup market out there calling out to help you protect your data.

In most cases business backup providers e.g. business cloud storage services, store your data on third party servers in remote locations, multiple times. This alone reduces the chance of data loss, but that’s not all business backup providers can offer. Financial level data encryption is imposed on upload, during storage and a key is needed on download in order to unscramble the contents. This protects your data from being lost courtesy of hackers, viruses or malicious staff. Storing your data away from its source is another simple, yet effective way of minimising the chances of loss. By storing a copy away from the original you will always have an alternative copy incase, natural disaster, human error or theft befall the original.

With the market as saturated as it is with business backup service at the moment, the companies who are still risking their data by not backing it up in an effective and efficient matter deserve to lose it.



Business Cloud Storage

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Here  goes…..the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)  defines cloud computing as “a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources – networks, servers, storage, applications and services – that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.” Confused? Don’t worry cloud storage is exactly what the definition says above, but much easier to understand.

Business cloud storage is a means by which all business data can be uploaded on to remote servers, stored safely and then made accessible to all without having to implement any invasive hardware or be managed by an additional team. It is the most simple and secure way for businesses to manage their data.

All businesses are at risk of hackers, viruses, human error, hard drive failure and the most lethal but most often forgotten of them all, malicious employees. Businesses who choose cloud storage as their preferred means of online backup can protect their data from all these inevitabilities. With this being the case cloud storage is swiftly becoming businesses preferred means of data storage  with expenditure on it looking to easily surpass $100 billion by 2015. Figures like that only go on to prove that cloud storage is the future for businesses.

While business cloud storage maintains some of the features of personal cloud storage the effects it has on IT budgets and data protection are what make it make it such an appealing option for businesses around the world. Cloud storage works using the internet as a means of upload and access. Files are stored on remote servers, monitored by the cloud storage provider and accessible via a downloadable interface to any synced PC or laptop. Costly IT departments are no longer necessary, nor is the need to engineer manual backups or in house server maintenance.

As more and more businesses see the value and potential in business cloud storage the more we will see make the move.