Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore The Limits of Outdated Business Backup…

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Last year was a tough one for many countries and their respected businesses which were victims of unavoidable natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and tsunamis. Countries like Thailand, Australia, Brazil and Japan were just some of the countries to feel the impact of these devastating forces of nature.

As horrendous as these events were, it is true that many of the businesses, who had not invested enough funding into their data disaster recovery plans, had not expected to have been hit. New research has also shown that even after these companies rebuilt, they have still not made sufficient enough improvements to their recovery systems.

In fact, if we look at those businesses which are in the US financial sector, an increased level of backup recovery could be much needed as the amount of data these businesses are responsible for handling is growing by the hour. Last year, trading volume for options raised by 19% from 2010 to five billion contracts. Add the 600,000 worldwide credit card transactions per minute and suddenly it’s clear to see the unbelievable amount of data that has be stored and protected.

However, the research showed that only 33% of IT managers working within these institutions felt they had competent and reliable resources which could be affective in the event of a disaster striking. Why executives don’t feel the need to improve on the remaining figures of data continuity plans is not clearly known, although a trend toward doubting the effectiveness of systems such as cloud online business backup did appear.

Because of the improved accessibility, availability, and encrypted remote storage of online business backup, it is hard to warrant this as a reason as to not incorporate this newer technology into the infrastructures of business. System downtime alone from last year cost 48% of locally backed up SMB’s in this sector hundreds of thousands of dollars due to unproductivity while their data was being recovered.

Hopefully by viewing the subject of online business backup in the future with a more open mind and considerate approach, the financial sector and others may be able to benefit from the advantages of this system, and will be able to recover much better in the event of being hit by a disaster.

Justifying the Need for Online Business Backup

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

On a daily basis, businesses continue to find themselves challenged by not only finding affordable ways of advancing their file security continuity plans, but also with initial file storage itself because of the fast growing levels of data that come with the territory of owning a modern business.

A lot of companies of course want to invest in online business backup, but feel they can’t. This is because of the notion that it is only affordable to large businesses or corporations. Whoever is spreading these rumors, however, needs to get with the times and realize that this is far from true.

In fact, online business backup is surprisingly affordable for most businesses, even if they are small or medium in size. This is all thanks to a fast growing and highly competitive market which means prices have fallen considerably over the past year.

And so here’s three reasons, from a fiscal point of view, why you can justify bringing an online business backup system into your company:

-          It’s Cheap – As we’ve already covered, yes, it is much cheaper than you might think. Online business backup providers often give different subscription options to tailor to the different levels of needs their users have

-          File Loss Recovery Savings – If your current network tape system goes under, you could be facing drastic financial losses. However, since online business backup stores company files on a third party data center, recovery is always possible

-          Savings in Out of Office Storage – With online business backup in place along with its file sharing capabilities, which travelling employees can utilize, there will be no need to continue with purchases of recordable CD’s and DVD’s and so forth

Online business backup sound like a good idea yet? That’s because it is!

It’s cheaper than you think, and could save your business…literally.

Frequent Flyer? Online Business Backup Has All the Answers

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Let’s imagine that you’ve just arrived at the hotel. You’re tired of course, but because you’re a veteran of the business travel game, you know it’s better to remain conscious until it’s time to hit the hay native time—not that your drooping eye lids particularly care about this…

So, in order to keep them open for longer, you decide to turn your attention to getting on with some work.

Now, here’s where online business backup really starts to show off. Because you already had it installed before you left, you didn’t have to save any files to any CD’s, etc, or even your notebook of which you now place on the dresser table. Why? Because you don’t need to worry about file access and backing up anymore. You then log into your online business backup service provider’s website and access your work computer’s backed up files—yep, we’re talking about your work computer back in the States.

This is possible because your files are stored on the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. So, now you pull off all the files you need (which are the latest versions from back home) and start getting to work. And once you’ve finished adding a few hundred words to that report, you can update the file version to the cloud and then carry on working on this new file when you get back to the office.

Pretty cool, huh? And this really is just one of the clever features that’s offered from providers.

So, if you haven’t adopted it already, maybe it’s time your business invested in online business backup.

SMB’s Can Time Travel with Online Business Backup

Monday, May 28th, 2012

OK, maybe this title’s a little misleading—but in part, it’s true! So bear with me…

According to a recent study which collected information from 2500 small to medium sized businesses with 10 to 260 employees in 33 countries, over 68% of them had adopted online business backup. This is an astonishing figure, clearly displaying not just how fast the online business backup revolution is spreading, but also how proficient it must be in providing excellent standards of data recovery in comparison to its quickly diminishing counterpart that is local backup.

And what does this have to do with time travel? Well, everything! At least, in way of turning back the clock, anyway. Because this is what these businesses stated was their main reason for turning to business backup as their chosen method for their continuity plans.

And online business backup can do just that. If these companies were to suffer a data disaster, for example, resulting from possibly a virus attack or data corruption within their offices, they wouldn’t be panicking for long. This is because their data is stored in a third party data centre which is under the protection of government level encryption security. Within no time their data could be downloaded from their cloud, allowing employees to resume work with only a minimal amount of delay.

The 32% of the remaining companies of the survey, who had local backup systems in place, can also go back in time. So what’s the difference, then?! Ah, but wait—it may not always be as simple as they would like it to be. Although their data can be recovered, research has shown that on average it can take up to 4 times longer than online backup recovery. This is because local backup often incorporates cumbersome methods of storage such as tapes which can take a considerable while to recover files from.

Local backup can also have one drastic downfall: If the onsite system fails, it means bye bye to data for good. This means there can be no recovery, no comeback—no time travel.

Hard to stomach, isn’t it? But hopefully this will soon be a thing of the past due to the growing popularity of online business backup.

Business Backup Saves Big Bucks

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Business backup is a growing industry. As more and more stories of large corporations being hacked hit the headlines and the high cost of data loss leaking to the press, business everywhere are reassessing their business backup provisions.

Obviously the size and nature of your company influence the amount of money you can save by switching to a business backup provider, but fundamentally savings can be made in these three areas. Staff, Bills and Space.

Lets start with space. Internal servers can be cumbersome, they need constant monitoring and maintenance and have to be stored in specific conditions in order to work effectively. As well as space to sit they need to be in an air conditioned facility in order to prevent them from over heating. This can equate to a lot of space, especially if your company is growing. If you are renting or even if you own your office property, this space could be used much more effectively to generate more business or provide your staff with a more affluent working environment. Online business backup can afford you these things as all your data will be stored on remote servers.

Businesses are all about making money, business backup can’t help you make it, but it can help you save it.  Staff are vital to any business, but if an in house IT Team are draining your budget using a third party business backup provider is the answer. By taking your data storage elsewhere you automatically save staffing costs as all maintenance, monitoring and security are provided as standard by business backup companies.

Finally you save on that dreaded word….bills. With electricity prices increasing year on year the cost of powering and maintaining your servers does to. Business backup can cut these costs for you too as they are already incorporated into the package price.

Business will need to approach moving to their data storage needs to a business backup provider like any business deal, with research and investigation, but as you can see from the three simple points above, business backup could save you big bucks.

Businesses who have bad backup practices lose $400million

Monday, May 7th, 2012

A recent survey has highlighted that businesses who do not incorporate good business backup practices lose an estimated $400 million worth of data every year. Companies who store between 2 & 7 TB of data have suffered data loss in the last 12 months, with over half of those having lost data on more than one occasion. In business terms the cost of insufficient data protection costs businesses between 2-5% of their annual revenue.

In the current economic climate a loss like that has more of an effect than you think, but it shouldn’t happen. There is a hugely competitive business backup market out there calling out to help you protect your data.

In most cases business backup providers e.g. business cloud storage services, store your data on third party servers in remote locations, multiple times. This alone reduces the chance of data loss, but that’s not all business backup providers can offer. Financial level data encryption is imposed on upload, during storage and a key is needed on download in order to unscramble the contents. This protects your data from being lost courtesy of hackers, viruses or malicious staff. Storing your data away from its source is another simple, yet effective way of minimising the chances of loss. By storing a copy away from the original you will always have an alternative copy incase, natural disaster, human error or theft befall the original.

With the market as saturated as it is with business backup service at the moment, the companies who are still risking their data by not backing it up in an effective and efficient matter deserve to lose it.



Business Backup – No need to stress!

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Keeping your data safe is with out a doubt one of the key stressers for businesses and business owners globally. Reports of high profile hacking have been rife in the last few months which has lead companies to seriously think about the safety of their important data. Online storage is one of the key ways in which businesses can reduce the stress of data storage thanks to their unparalleled security provision.

Online storage providers offer encryption levels which mirror those used by the Government and the financial services. 256 bit SSL encrypts your data not only on upload but whilst it is stored in the remote servers. Most business backup providers also monitor the data centers where their servers are kept in order to further maintain the highest levels of security.

While online storage can be made accessible to everyone, businesses can limit who has access to their data. Passwords can be administered so that malicious employees and hackers alike wont be able to access and corrupt the data. Knowing your data is safely housed on monitored servers by a reputable business backup provider can and will significantly reduce the stress in keeping your files safe.

Another benefit to businesses who use business backup is that they no longer have to worry about the maintenance and incorporation of a complicated hardware system. Business backup usually works through an easy to download interface and then set to schedule automated backups. No longer will over staffed IT departments have to rip out their hair trying to manually fix a problem or teacher staff members how to use the system. One of the joys of business backup provision is the eradication of all this drama. Off site servers are managed and monitored by the provider as are any issues which arise during subscription.

There genuinely is no need to stress when you employ the services of a third party business backup provider to take care of your data.

Online Backup For Small Businesses

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Online backup is often misconstrued as an application only accessible to big businesses with lots of money. Whilst once upon a time this may have been true, it isn’t today. Thanks to the explosion in the online backup industry, online storage providers are now a much more cost effective backup solution for businesses of all sizes than in previous years.

The days of businesses performing time consuming manual backups are long gone. Online backup has revolutionized PC backup. By storing your data on a third party remote server you encrypt it to a level not previously possible, exponentially increase the safety of your company data and that’s just the beginning.  Online backup can be set to backup your company data from a variety of locations all to one server, perfect if your business has multiple offices.

Another way online backup benefits small businesses is by not needing any intrusive hardware to be installed. Instead software can be downloaded via the web easily by all users and a simple, slick interface installed. No extensive IT departments are needed to monitor uploads or maintain hardware, instead individuals can be responsible for their backup and the online backup provider is responsible for the rest.

Another feature of online backup which benefits small business with multiple staff is automated backup. PC backup no longer has to be the responsibility of individual staff, instead it can be automated to ensure it is done. The frequency of this can be set by the business, but effectively it removes the human element which so often causes data loss.

Only backup is set to be the norm in a matter of years, so while small businesses may still not be on board yet, they will be soon enough.

Data Storage for Businesses – Features of Offsite Data Storage

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

If your business is among those who require to store and process large amounts of data, you most likely know how important data storage is. Data that is stored onsite may be prone to a large number of factors that may cause potential damage, to your data as well as your business, making it imperative for you to store your data in a secure location, offsite. Offsite data storage has a lot of advantages that can not only relieve you of the task of having to do all the security settings yourself, but also give you complete peace of mind when it comes to the overall safety of your valuable data. Briefly highlighted below are some important features you must look for in a data storage provider before signing up for the services.

Security – This must be your primary concern. The data is your responsibility, and a valuable asset to your business. Before you decide to go with the services of any data storage provider, it is essential that you ensure the safety of your data against loss, damage, unauthorized access and also environmental hazards.

Access – While storing your data is important, it is also essential that you know how and where your data is transported, and also about the various options you have for access to the stored data.

Storage schedule – Data loss can occur any time, and this leaves us with no better option than to store data as per schedule. Scheduled storing your data will require you to draw strategies that can be helpful in case your systems suffer from unexpected damage.

Although you should preferably look for services that are affordable, you must also remember that the service you get will be proportional to the amount you pay. Therefore, it is not always advisable to settle with the cheapest. Compare your requirements with the features a data storage provider offers, and if you deem that the fees are worth it, go for it!