ASAP Systems Integrates into Box Cloud Storage

One of the market giants of tracking systems and inventory management, ASAP Systems, has just announced their integration with cloud storage provider Box in order to assist all kinds of organizations and businesses with efficiently tracking fixed assets and inventories.

By using the web-based application from ASAP, known as the ASAP BarCloud, organizations have a simple and convenient way to manage and track all their asset and inventory details in a centralized location, and can access those details around the clock from any platform.

Because of the secure sharing platform from Box, ASAP customers can additionally backup their data with ease, guaranteeing protection from any potential disasters and can be recovered within hours if need be.

‘Data backup is a vital factor of how our customers plan for and manage their tracking systems,’ commented Greg Wachowiak, ASAP Systems’ Chief Technology Officer. ‘We recommend that everyone have a data disaster recovery plan in operation, just in case data becomes lost or damaged due to human error, technology failure, or another form of disaster.’

ASAP BarCloud lets cloud storage users backup their files at the click of a button, which will ensure a ‘point-in-time’ copy of data can be recovered quickly and simply, enabling business operations to reinstate with minimum inconvenience if a disaster happens.

Users of ASAP Systems’ server/client-orientated solution, ASAP Passport, can also effortlessly create an automatic function to backup data from Passport to their computer. This file can later be auto-synced with their servers.

More cloud storage details can be found on the ASAP Systems and Box websites.