Internet Backup Services

Hard drive repair and recovery can cost as much as $7,500 if you become the victim of data loss (, and that’s hard earned money that many of us don’t have for unexpected expenses in this economy. Even then, recovery services aren’t guaranteed to work. So instead of waiting for disaster to hit, be proactive in finding a quality data backup service.

Computer backup has taken to the internet, and is now one of the best ways to protect your computer files. Backup service companies provide a safe way for you to backup and store your files in a remote location. We recommend that everyone backup their files via the internet if possible, and the following questions will help you to make an informed decision on the data backup provider that is best for you.

How much does it cost?

When you’re researching various backup companies, you have to consider the cost. You shouldn’t test drive a car unless you look at the price tag first, and you shouldn’t choose a backup company before understand how they charge. Some companies charge you by the amount of storage space you use, which can become very costly if you have a lot of documents and files to backup. Other companies charge a flat rate so there are never any surprises.

How easy is it to use?

If you’re not a computer expert, you’re not going to want to purchase a product that requires professional assistance for you to setup. Also, many companies now offer automated backup services, which mean that you wouldn’t have to touch a thing to backup your computer regularly. We suggest you use one of these services, and if you do, make sure to read up on how often the program will backup your files.

How safe is my data as its being backed up?

Your goal in backing up your files is to protect your data, so be sure to read up on each company’s claims on how they protect your files during the backup process. Companies should use some type of encryption method to ensure that your files reach the storage facility safely and securely.

How much storage space does it allow?

There are several sites that offer unlimited storage space at an affordable price, so there’s really no reason to settle for anything less. Be sure to read the company’s storage policy too, because some sites won’t let you save certain file types.

Take some time to find a good backup service provider, and protect both your files and your wallet!