Hard Times for Hard Drives

Did you know that in 1998 there were approximately 4.6 million individual cases of computer data loss? That was over a decade ago, and the threats against your computer’s data have only increased since that time. Unfortunately for many people, protecting their computers against data loss isn’t something they think about, that is, until it’s already too late.

Data loss on a personal computer could mean that the loss of important documents, family photos and videos, projects they’ve been working on, and money (in the form of computer repair and document recovery bills). It’s not something to take lightly! It can be even more disastrous for a business to lose data, because if the company goes under, then so do its employees. In 1998 alone, data loss contributed to around $11.8 billion lost by businesses. When that loss translates to the employees it can be devastating, and could potentially mean that they lose their jobs. Businesses that suffer from severe data loss have a hard time recovering.

All of the inconvenience, and sometimes devastation, that data loss causes is worth taking some time to investigate some type of data backup service. Most means of backing up your data are fairly easy to use, though there are some that seem to be more easy and effective than others.

Here are a couple of ways you can protect your data:

  • Flash Memory (or USB Drives) – Small and convenient, one of these is great for storing only a few documents, just don’t lose it!
  • DVD/CD backup – It takes some time to transfer all of your data to CDs and DVDs, but they hold more storage space than a single USB Drive. They are somewhat messy compared to the other means of backup and storage, but it works for some people.
  • External Hard Drives – External hard drives work well, but they can be pretty expensive if you need one with a lot of storage space. External hard drives, CDs/DVDs, and USB Drives are also all susceptible to physical damage, which is just as devastating as virtual damage.
  • Online Backup Services – Probably the safest and easiest way to backup and store your files is through an online backup service. Many programs offer automated backup, which means that after the setup process you won’t have to touch a thing to make sure that your files are safe. These programs will encrypt your files and send them over the internet to a “safe house” storage facility, somewhere far away from your office. That way if your computer was destroyed your files would be safe and you could recover them easily. Many of these sites are affordable too!