Great File Backup Ideas for the Computer Illiterate

It goes without saying that we live in a technologically advanced world, but we should never take for granted those people who seem to be lagging in the technological mindset. Many of us know people who have a very limited understanding of computers. Their knowledge is limited to simple tasks like opening an internet browser, Word document, or uploading pictures. Nevertheless, the little work they do on their computers might be very important to them. Even if all they do is save pictures on it, those are precious memories that they want to save forever. If they were somehow lost or destroyed, that person might be devastated.

The computer savvy people of the world understand that there are ways to backup a computer and protect valuable files, but to those who have fallen behind the times this might seem like a monumental task.

If you know somebody like this, try checking into web-based data backup services for them. Some of these services offer automated backup services. That means that, after the setup process, the program would backup the files on its own. These services are great for those who aren’t confident in their ability to use a computer, USB drive, external hard drive, and other backup tools. Another nice feature of these sites is that they store the computer files in an off-site storage facility, and they are safely encrypted to protect the information, pictures, documents, and other important files that they store for their customers.

Of these sites, one of the best we’ve found for overall ease of use and quality is After a brief setup process, their “hands off” program begins working to protect all of your computer’s important data. Even if you are computer literate, this program is so practical that we recommend you check it out for your own computer.