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Backing up your files is a must, as it only takes one random hard drive crash and you could lose all your irreplaceable files and documents. Our whole lives are now stored digitally our photos, music, movies financials and more, so it’s now more important than ever to have these backed up securely. There are now so many online backup providers to choose from, and choosing the right provider is a tough decision. So we have created this website so you can use our tips, guides and tools to find the best online backup provider to suit your needs. You may need a certain amount of storage space or have a cost budget so use our tools to compare multiple companies before you make your decision.

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Trend Company Price Storage Score Review
Free (Limited Time) Unlimited 98%
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$2.95 Unlimited 97%
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$4.95 250GB 95%
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$9.95 100GB 93%
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$4.95 250GB 92%
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$9.99 60GB 92%
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$7.99 125GB 91%
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$6.00 Unlimited 90%
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$4.91 Unlimited 89%
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$6.66 50GB 89%
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Compare Online Backup Providers Compare Online Backup Providers Use this free tool to view a full in depth comparison of over 50 online backup companies. Remember you click on compare on different providers below also. Read More

Backup Provider Selector Tool Answer a few simple questions and let us quickly filter through over 50 online backup providers and show you the best companies which suit your needs. Results will be displayed in an easy to follow comparison chart. Read More

Tips and Information For Buying Online Backup Articles

Here at thetop10bestonlinebackup we strive to help you find the best online backup provider to suit your needs. Below you have four extremely useful articles to consider before making your decision. Remember to use our compare online backup providers tool and the online backup chooser to ensure your final decision is the right one.

Is Free Online Backup Really Free? Nowadays it seems every online service attempts to entice you with a free account or free trial. Read More

Unlimited Online Backup The cost of storing data online has come down drastically over the last few years this is the main reason why Cloud Storage has come about. Read More

Cloud Storage or Online Backup? Although many companies advertise under both these terms they are actually quite different. Cloud storage we see as being able to store selected files on the internet ... Read More

What To Look For in an Online Backup Provider? There are now around 50 major online backup providers each have their own software, control panels and unique features. Read More

Featured Online Backup Articles

Below are some articles to help you understand online backup and cloud storage. Different companies offer slightly different products which all claim to be online backup and cloud storage. But there are some subtle differences which you will discover by reading the articles below. Remember to check out our cloud storage and online backup lists.

How Does Online Backup Work? Online Backup involves downloading a company’s software application which will be installed on your computer or laptop. The application will run in the background backing up your files to their secure storage servers. Read More

What Is Online Backup? Online backup is the process of installing software on your computer which backs up your files securely and hosts them on storage servers. Read More

Is Online Backup Secure? All the products we have tested and reviewed are known brands which securely backup your files and you can trust them. Read More

Can I Store My Music? Most providers allow you to store music, but most do not allow you to public share them or stream the music. Read More

How Much Space Do I Need? This really depends on what type or types of files you are storing. If you are storing text files, spreadsheets, emails and financials the chances are you are going to need less than 2 GB of storage. Read More

Will Online Backup Slow Down My Computer? Some online backup providers have been known to slow down your computer by using up extensive resources when running in the background. Read More

Why Use Online Backup? Online backup is now a must have for all computer users, as we now live in a digital age where our whole digital life is store online. Read More

What To Look For? What you should be looking for in your online backup provider really depends on your needs. There are so many different products all with their own unique selling points, plans and specification. Read More

External Hard Drive Vs Cloud Storage External hard drives are very naughty’s (2000-2009) this is the era when everyone discovered downloading music and movies ... Read More

Can I Share Files? A major plus point for any online backup or cloud storage provider is the ability to be able to share files and folders. Not every provider allows you to, but most do and this is a very effective tool which can be used almost daily Read More

Recent Online Backup Articles


Online Backup Provider Box Pushes into Healthcare   Online backup contender Box has recently announced that it is now HIPAA compliant after pushing its way into the healthcare sector and adding ten new healthcare application partners to address the ...


Online Backup Provider Mega Plans to Snap at Dropbox’s Heals Kim Dotcom’s new online backup service Mega isn’t expected to be released until the next day or two, but some press outlets have been receiving early glimpses into what the intended Dropbox competitor will offer. Though no ...


Soteria Online Backup Release New Site & Service Feature Both an updated website and an additional service feature, known as CloudSync, from Soteria Online Backup have recently become available to their users. It has been reported that the updated website further optimizes the ease ...


LogMeIn’s Cubby Online Backup The new online backup supplier from LogMeIn, Cubby, may be a tad late entering into the online backup race, but due to its aggressive approach is becoming known as a reputable newcomer of the industry. Its service was originally ...


Online Backup Provider Dropbox to Open Office in Ireland It was recently revealed that US-based online backup provider, Dropbox, will be soon establishing an international Operation Center in Dublin, Ireland. Taoiseach Enda Kenny stated: ‘The new office will build upon Dropbox’s ...


MyPC Backup’s Free Thanksgiving 1GB Online Backup Invites It seems that MyPC Backup has yet another special offer available to their many users over this holiday season. If you’re signed up with the online backup provider or are giving their services a free trial run, you can now send ...

Latest Customer Feedback

best free option around

I have looked and tried a few cloud storage options and it seems these guys are the best free option around. Simple, cheap, solid. ...

Top marks from me

Big fan of Mypcbackup. I love the way can use on my iphone and my husband uses on his android so we sync folders and files with ease. Super simple, super software ...

Carbonite Macbook Pro No Good

Mac Book Pro. CPU is pegged at 100%. Very difficult to view what is actively being backed up. Locks up frequently. Only solution is to uninstall and reinstall. ...

Slows your PC down.

Slows my laptop down terribly when running in the background. After months of having to kill the services every time I logged in, I had to finally uninstall it. ...

Online storage

Its great ...